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IOS Or Android?

No doubt, Android is the most commonly accustomed platform for a huge number of smartphones nowadays. On the contrary, IOS is only used by Apple devices which includes iPhone and iPad. Android has a vast distribution of channels, which means that the applications are not limited to only one app store. The reverse is the case for IOS applications that are solely distributed to the Apple store.

But the difference also lies in the security system used by them. Android phones are more vulnerable to malware and bug attacks due to their less integrated security system. Many applications carry certain viruses with them, which through different mechanisms and depending upon the source of the application, penetrate through the security system of the phone and cause a hell of a lot of problems for the user. But this is not the case with IOS.

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Until and unless the IOS device is not jail-broken, the application is not installed from a third party or outside the Apple’s application store, and it remains confident from attacks. This is because all the application publishers are first verified, and the Apple Company approves the application before it is placed in the iTunes store. As a result, almost 800,000 applications are available on both platforms.

But if we talk about ranking, let me tell you that the recent data published in a Read-Write story by “uTest” (uTest is a company that collects data and reviews for mobile software) in January states that the IOS applications, with a score of 68.5, dominate the average Android applications scoring 63.3 out of 100. Accordingly, 74% of the IOS users are spending much more on applications as compared to the users of Android. Keeping this in view, the Apple Company is generating far more profit than Android, which constitutes about 79% of the industry’s profit.

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Discussing the pros and cons, it’s quite obvious that both these platforms have far excessive desirability than their drawbacks. Placing the two, in contrast, there may be some flaws as well. But the question arises for who wins in the end. Many critics have accused the Android Company of being a replica of IOS, but there are no valid proofs to support this argument. With the death of Steve Jobs (the co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Apple Company), there is still no vision of the near future for what we will be expecting from the Apple Company. With the advent of the Apple iPhone 5 and the newly given concept of the iPhone 6, it will be easy to believe that Android will face an end.

For a deep view of the case, I suggest you follow up with Diffen. This source will provide you the most up-to-date innovations covering both platforms.

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