Apple iOS 5.0 Features: Notifications, iMessages and All Other Goodies You Need to Know

Today Apple introduced iOS 5 at WWDC 2011 and it arrives with numerous additional features and enhancements. The most crucial new feature, perhaps, may be the iOS notification system. For a long time it’s been a discomfort within the rear for many apple iPhone, iPad and iPod device touch customers. Each time a notification will come in, it might be in the face and also you didn’t have choice but to cope with it right then. Should you be in the center of a game title or movie, it had been annoying. Which has all transformed, together with many other things, so read onto see what’s new!

1. Notices

Imitation is a kind of flattery, therefore the folks at Google should be feeling pretty smug today. The brand new iOS notification product is known as Notification Center and shares some commonalities with Android, in which you swipe lower from the top screen to see your notices. After that, you can observe texts, e-mails, voicemails, Facebook notices and much more. Apple has additionally added stocks and weather info, too, to get that instantly.

You may also change a specific item in Notification Center, so if you wish to see notices from certain applications and ignore others, you are able to. And also to open a notification, you simply swipe it together with your finger also it goes to the application.

2. Safari

Mobile Safari is unquestionably among the best, otherwise the very best, mobile browsers available. Safari comprises 64% of mobile browser usage, while Android only holds 27% – the relaxation is sufficiently small that they’re lumped together within the remainder. So, Apple made the decision to include a couple of new tweaks and upgrades into it. The very first is Readers, which reformats text right into a more readable layout, and in addition it enables you to definitely e-mail items in a tale for your buddies and family.

The 2nd new feature in Safari is Reading through List. It’s like Instapaper, where one can mark items to be read later. If you are reading through something on your pc, for instance, and you need going, you are able to finish reading through exactly the same article in your apple iPhone or iPod device touch. You mark these to be read later, and they’re all readily available within a listing. On top of that, it really works across iOS and OS X, because it should, because of the character of methods it works.

Finally, Apple first viewed it fit to incorporate full tabbed browsing. The days are gone where you need to hit just a little button and swipe through several home windows just to get at the web page that you’ll require. It causes it to be look a lot more like Safari in your notebook or desktop, making the melding from the mobile and desktop browsers a bit more complete.


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3. Camera

Your camera application has become a little of the overhaul, too. First, we begin with auto-exposure and auto-focus lock. Maybe sometimes you need to meter part of a photograph that isn’t always exactly the same area where you need to focus. Now, like Camera, you are able to lock each one to ensure that your photos come out just how you would like them. Furthermore, after you’ve clicked photos, you have in-camera editing options like popping, getting rid of red-colored-eye and improving photos, along with other new editing features.

During camera mode, the amount-up button on the telephone also functions like a shutter. It was something which Camera i did so until Apple built them into go ahead and take feature away. Possibly now we all know why that happened. Sometimes you need to hold your apple iphone just like a camera and getting the button around the upper right feels natural, or possibly you’re attempting to have a self-portrait using the rear camera and you’re fumbling round the screen looking for the shutter button. Problem solved having a physical button.

You’ll also have the ability to focus photos while using pinch-to-zoom gesture rather than having to use only the slider. In the end, if it can be done in photos, why don’t you inside the camera application?

Lastly, your camera is obtainable in the lock screen. Even when your phone includes a passcode lock onto it, you are able to go right to your camera application without having the ability to view other things inside the phone. This is ideal for individuals fleeting moments when it’s not necessary time for you to slide to unlock and turn on your camera – or worse, enter your passcode lock and wait for a couple of seconds for that camera to actuate. So, next time you simply have 2 seconds to snap that photo of the squirrel chasing after a bird off a tree and jumping into mid-air, your odds are a lot better than before.

4. Mail

Apple has finally made the decision to enhance its mail client with the addition of wealthy text formatting, dragging addresses and a chance to look for content within entire messages. You may also flag and unflag messages, and mark them as unread. In the human body of the message, searching and define words using the iOS dictionary, an element that actually works over the entire platform and not simply within mail.

For that iPad, should you prefer typing together with your thumbs in portrait mode versus landscape, Apple created a split keyboard that will help you to type without getting the laptop keyboard obscure or block any text or content. Pretty great stuff!

5. PC Free

Oh. My. God. Apple has finally tried it – the organization has finally made the decision that the apple iPhone must work as they are. Are you able to suppose? You’ll no more have to run home and plug it to your computer having seen that annoying “Connect to iTunes” symbol again. Rather, whenever you go ahead and take apple iPhone or iPad as they are, it’ll just say, “Welcome.” Because it should.

Apple continues to be pushing its “post-PC world” shenanigans, but a minimum of it’s moving things right into a wireless world. Now you can sync your phone’s contacts, music and programs easily without needing to depend on the computer. Software updates will be accessible within the air, much like Android. And rather than needing to download the whole OS throughout the updates, it’ll only download servings of the OS which have been transformed.

6. Twitter

Twitter has been deeply integrated within iOS. The most popular social media service may be used to share status updates, photos, location along with other products of great interest, and Apple has given customers the choice to do this from inside native applications. For example, whenever you shoot a photograph inside the native camera application, you’ll have the choice to talk about the image on Twitter – something which Android and Rim happen to be doing for quite a while.

The integration works similar to it will on Android, that is via single sign-on. Once you’ve signed to your Twitter account within the configurations, the applications that support it within iOS is going to be connected instantly to help you share products from inside individuals applications. You are able to tweet out of your camera, the image gallery, YouTube, Safari as well as within Maps. Twitter is even integrated with contacts.

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