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Solar Water Features A Better Choice For The Environment

Would you like to relax and unwind to the sight and sound of moving water in your garden and be environmentally friendly as well? A solar water feature will tick both of these boxes and has many more benefits besides. About ten to twelve years ago, we came across our first solar water feature at a garden center. We watched, intrigued as the fountain flowed until a cloud blocked out the sun, and the fountain stopped. As soon as the cloud passed, the fountain started to flow again. Give Sunlight.

We decided not to purchase the feature as the stopping and starting would probably be more irritating than relaxing. Thankfully since then, due to technical advances and a growing interest in solar power, they have become much more advanced, and the range of models available has increased. Features with Battery backups were the first to appear and solved the cloud passing over the sun or the dull day problem. With these models, the solar panel produces energy to drive the pump, and any excess energy charges up a re-chargeable battery. When the solar panel cannot produce enough energy to power the pump, the battery kicks in and keeps the pump running.

Solar Water Features A Better Choice For The Environment 1

Timers are another addition, and these add versatility to the setup. They allow you to decide when you would like your feature to operate; these are ideal for people who work all day and use the garden when they come home. The batteries charge up during the day, and the timer turns the feature on at the programmed time. LED lights are another recent addition. In the summer evenings, when the sun has started to set, led lights on a feature will give the garden a touch of ambiance and will provide a talking point when people visit.

The lights usually work off a separate set of rechargeable batteries charged by the solar panel during the day. A light sensor incorporated in the setup switches on the lights when it starts to get dark. Many features now have separate solar panels on a lead, which means you can site your panel away from your solar feature. The main advantage of this is that you can have your feature permanently in the shade whilst the panel is in the sun.

As well as being environmentally friendly, solar water features offer a host of other benefits. The main attraction for most people is that they are easy to set up with no electric cables to install or cause safety problems for children, pets, and wildlife. There is no need to worry about how much electricity will use. Many people forget when they buy an electric water feature that it’s not just the cost of the item, but you also have to add on the cost of the electricity to run it.

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Solar water features are easy to maintain, with the solar panel only needing to be cleaned with a propriety cleaner. The pump will need to have its filter and possibly the impeller cleaned periodically. If you would like to know more about solar water features, then please visit for lots of in-depth information. We also have lots of tips on sighting your feature as well as accessories you may find beneficial at

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