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Computer Madness and Childhood Addiction

Sitting all day playing games or writing on a computer is a health hazard, especially for young children who become addicted. Movement of any form is addictive, and the computer or other devices used for amusement should be carefully monitored. It is easy for parents to sit children in front of a screen while they have ‘time out’ from supervising them and answering their continuous tirade of questions.

Computer Madness and Childhood Addiction 1

The brain is developing, and channels must be open for the child’s success in later life. These channels are like arteries that are pushed free of blockage by learning. But it is only the right kind of teaching that makes a difference in their capabilities as young adults. One of my grandsons was given a phone by a friend, and this became so precious to him that he even took it into the shower with him. He barely raised his head from the screen as he skipped classes at school, became non-co-operative at home, even quite abusive, and his world began to fall apart.

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In a fit of rage a couple of weeks ago, he threw the phone at an object, and it broke. After a period of withdrawal, he is suddenly a different child. He is not only cooperative at home but helpful with chores and even cleaning his room. The facts are that computers and electronic gadgets are not brained stimulants that parents expect to be.

Following my reincarnation and a strong link to the Spirit of the Universe, the only God, the knowledge poured into me about the world as it is today and why we are in the last days is pertinent to this story. The Internet is the Mountain of God promised to appear now and to spread the truth over the world of darkness. Unfortunately, it is also the source of evil to distract those who are not spiritual and lead them down the wrong paths.

Computer games and childhood addictions are the same as the drugs in communities where they are also playing havoc with children’s minds. This is in God’s plan, and there is not much that society can do to stop it. The parents, however, can and if they chose to take a stand against the evil of this world they should start with their children. My reincarnation is a story worth telling as it enlightens people about why things are happening now. They are led to the Mountain of God for answers, and the truth is flooding the world as a result.

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