All That Is New About iOS 6 Safari

The war about the best available browser is ongoing but recently Safari for iOS is in the limelight. It is arguably the best available mobile browser and with the new iOS 6, you will see many added new features that will help enhancing performance. Let us find out what are these and the new features.

Browsing experience with Safari in iOS 6

It is relatively easier to view a larger version of a webpage that you have been viewing on Safari on iPhone. You can easily view the larger version on your iPad or Mac. For example, you are viewing a news piece on your iPhone but you want to view the larger version of the same then you can utilize the facility of iCloud Tabs. This functionality enables in synchronizing devices. You can easily synchronize all your Apple iOS devices and configure them with the same iCloud account. This means once you open and register in iCloud you can work your way across all the Mac devices via synchronizing. You need not e-mail the link to your another device just because you want to view its larger version, instead just open the service and access it. You can apply the following steps to enable the process:

• First configure your Apple devices with common iCloud account
• On your iOS 6 device go to Settings app to configure iCloud, on Mac (Mountain Lion) go to System Preferences, here you need to ensure that Safari is running and listed in the data sync option
• Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that if you are using multiple accounts in iCloud then only use the primary account configured in iCloud settings
• The tabs for iCloud will automatically open the browser tabs across all your devices
• iPad> Safari Toolbar> iCloud Icon this will open the list of tabs that are available and running on your Apple devices currently
• Now go to iPhone Bookmarks list> iCloud Tabs. If you are in the sub-list then tap the arrow that is facing left and reach the top level and find Bookmarks
• If you are using Mac then go to Safari toolbar> iCloud Tabs button

Reading List Available Offline

You will find many changes in the reading list of iOS 6 such as the entire reading list that will be available across all your iCloud enabled devices. This list will include the entire details that an article contains including images, text, layout and other such content. Therefore, now you have the advantage of looking and rearing it offline, as now it is available to you without putting on the internet on your device. If you need to update it or get the latest editions then you need to put on your internet.

• If you want to add a new article to your reading list then: Open Safari>Share button>Add To Reading List
• If you want to add a URL then: Tap and hold on to the link to reveal the menu> Tap Add to reading list
• For adding the main reading page, you can tap + on the top of the list. If you are using Mac then select the Bookmarks> Go to Add To Reading List, additionally you can use the shortcut like Shift+command+D
• For a quick access to reading list on your iPod touch or iPhone: Safari>Bookmark>Reading list
• If you are using an iPad to read then: Bookmarks>The Reading List
Note the offline Reading List feature can only be availed by iPhone 4-5 users and for iPad 2 users.

Media Uploading Facility

The most awaited feature that one would ever want with Safari is the capability of media upload. This feature is now available with iOS 6 with this you can easily upload content on websites that allow content sharing and uploading. For example if you are keen on sharing a picture on a website like EBay then, Go to File button> either Choose picture from the existing album or instantly capture a picture with the help of the camera on your device. You can even choose to upload a video from the library; now to upload the selection with Use button.

Full-screen Mode Functionality

With the new iOS 6, you get the functionality of viewing a page in full screen mode. You can utilize this with your iPhone and iPod touch when the landscape is turned on; here is how you can do it:

• Enable Full Screen, this will hide the address and toolbar of Safari to make the page appear in full view
• The Toolbar is hidden but you will still be able to utilize the forward, back and navigation via three transparent buttons that are displayed at the bottom page for quick navigation


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Other Functionalities

• You can easily open up to 24 tabs in your iPad as compared to earlier limit of 8 tabs. However, with iPhone you still are stuck with 8 tabs limit.
• You will avail enhanced performance offered by new JavaScript
• Link preview is available by taping on the link available on iTunes and App stores on any webpage

All the above are the advantages offered by iOS 6 within Safari and you can utilize them to your benefit.

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