Oprah Asks Rock Star Legend Billy Joel Some Hard Questions About His Music, Life, Love & Marriage

Oprah asked rock star Robottip  legend Billy Joel some really good questions to learn about how the successful musician creates such stirring songs. Billy who doesn’t see himself as a “rock star” didn’t object to Oprah calling him a legend in his own right, though Joel doesn’t consider himself the high-maintenance celebrity type.

Billy when asked which of his songs are his personal all-time favorites mentioned he considers them all as children, each dear to his heart. Joel did acknowledge however that any given day his personal favorite can change given the circumstances.

Oprah to my surprise brought up newspaper clippings about three of Joel’s car accidents and asked him if he was a bad driver. Billy said, “I’m not a bad driver, I just have bad luck.” He then mentioned a French car of his which was a bit awkward to drive considering the French manufacture cars a bit differently.

Billy was very transparent about his former drinking problem and being in rehab, saying it was like being in prison on lockdown with no access to anything. Being among other drunks and people with problems provided Joel some solace and therapy of sorts to cope with his own problems he acknowledged.

Joel looked a bit uncomfortable when Oprah brought up the age difference between he and wife. Billy Joel married his wife, chef Katie Lee, in 2004 when she was just 23 years old and he was 54. Katie was only five years older than his daughter.

Oprah probed a bit about Joel’s relationship with ex-wife and supermodel Christy Brinkley, which Joel said they have agreed to get along for the sake of their daughter.

Undoubtedly Katie was the shining personality on the couch with Oprah and did a great job taking the cameras through their lovely New York home, during which she often referred to Billy as “my husband” in somewhat strange fashion.


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The two hit it off in New York when they discovered each other’s love for food and Billy swept Katie off her feet no doubt with some love songs and lavish romance. Billy laughingly said concerning their meeting, when he invited Katie to have a drink with him: “That was one time drinking came in handy.”

Oprah definitely didn’t hold back during this interview. Billy Joel looked and seemed a bit uncomfortable during some of the questions, which kind of felt like an interrogation for me as a viewer. I hope he sells a lot of CDs for having to endure that interview.

One question I would have liked Oprah to ask of Katie Lee was, “How did being turned away and refused entry into Diddy’s annual White Party make you feel?”

Billy Joel’s wife Katie Lee was turned away from Diddy’s annual White Party, because she was dressed in cream. The hip-hop mogul had a strict white dress code at the end-of-summer bash at his Long Island, New York, mansion and made sure his bouncers enforced the fashion rules.

I guess Oprah felt Billy could handle it considering he’s been around the block a bit compared to his young and kind hearted bride. Interestingly, when Oprah asked Billy about any early opposition to his song “Only the Good Die Young”, Billy said a bit of Catholic church opposition helped his popularity among the youth and increased sales.

Undoubtedly opposition, persecution, and even a bit of bad publicity can help musicians and fading celebrities.

I wish Katie and Billy all the blessings of heaven and earth.

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