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Music Is a Way of Life

Humanity has always had a certain type of rhythm in them. Since the early days of humanity, the way we could hear sounds and sometimes hum to something while doing some work has been miraculous. I don’t know where music began, but I know that it will always be there Jack Blog. Throughout the years’ music has changed many people’s lives and styles of the way they even dress, move, walk and even talk. Look at the ’70s and 80’s style; it came with funk music, and the afro came in with the different dressing styles.


All the disco lights and party themes came in, making people highly fashionable. Now people dress in different ways according to the styles of music they listen to; an example is you take for instance a person who listens to the hip hop genre music he/she would wear baggy clothes and sneakers with a straight cap and shades along with jewelry or actually known as “bling-bling.”

A person who listens to reggae would wear the Jamaican flag colors because that’s one of the places where it started: red, green, yellow, and a little bit of black. Sometimes the people would have dreadlocks hairstyles to show that they are Rastafarian and listen to reggae music. And then you get people who listen to dance music they wear funky styles etc.

There are many other dressing styles, and it’s all because of the love of music. I truly believe that if we never had any music, life would be depressing, mean, even soccer players would tell you that to be a soccer player, you have to have rhythm, example Brazilian soccer players talk about the salsa and samba dance which adds to their football skills and they say “if you can’t dance then you can’t play football.”

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Look at how radio stations play music; they make millions of talented people who create the music with their performances and shows. Musical instruments are used everywhere to make beautiful sounds and bring smiles to little children’s faces. Rock music also one of the world’s major styles of music and even has people dressing and living that certain style because of the music they listen to.

Music is a way of life; it has power, control, love, rhythms, flow, etc., because it can turn a person into violent or very calm and collected. People enjoy parties, without music I believe parties are boring. I wouldn’t have fun listening to someone talking to me the whole day.

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