Heroin Abuse in the United States!

There is a growing concern sweeping Travel Knowledge  cross the United States. This monster is in the disguise of a group of minority immigrants who are crossing the U.S. borders and settling into the towns across America.

Along with their entry comes the dangerous and fatal drug heroin. Where there was no signs of heroin use before in these small towns and communities is now becoming an alarming epidemic in the U.S.

What’s so deadly about this crisis is there are no drug cartels to key on to slow this problem down. These farmers have a remote area in Xalisco (pronounced Leesco) in the Pacific Coast state of Nayarit, Mexico, where they operate out of. With no leader to oversea this distribution to the U.S. makes catching them and stopping this crisis an almost impossible feat.

What these immigrants do is move into an area and befriend the people and begin introducing them to the deadly drug at a very cheap price until they are addicted to the drug. Then they begin their entrepreneurial marketing by telling these addicts that they can get more drugs by bringing them more business. Get the picture? The end results is a community of heroin addicts.

If this wasn’t so dangerous it would almost be hyllerical the means they utilize to get their buyers. The addicts don’t have to go anywhere any more chasing the drug down to get a fix. They simply call these immigrants and they deliver the drug to them via automobiles and bycicles They have made it so simple for the addicts that they can sit at home from the comfort of their couches and make a simple phone call and have their addiction remedied within minutes.

What these immigrants are doing is moving into the small cities and leaving the larger ones along because they utilize them as their headquarters to make assignments from to send the drug out into their assigned areas of distribution. This makes for larger problems for the government to stop this problem.


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One of the worse hit areas in the U.S. is Ohio. This infusion of the heroin dilemma began it’s journey into the heartland of America and since 2008 to present this drug has been responsible for the deaths of almost 300 people. The State has had to combat this with the building of additional Drug Rehabilitation Centers to house these addicts and try to get them off this deadly drug. Since the infusion of this drug in 1998, the drug rehabs have quadrupled and cost the State of Ohio millions of dollars that’s being paid by the state tax payers.

So, what’s next for the United States? All we heard about from our so called elected officials was, “Let’s have more compassion for our neighbors to the south.” Well Mr Politician, this is the outcome of our extending a helping hand to foreigners. We have accepted them and their lifestyles to go along with it. I guess the only way to sum up this article is by saying, “We’ve Reaped What we Sowed.”

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