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Local Entrepreneur Talks About Blogging Success

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — One of the owners behind a new bar in Springfield is drawing global attention. Co-owner of “The Golden Girl Rum Club,” Emma Chapman has blogged with her sister for about seven years now– gaining views from millions of people across the world. Together, 30-year-old Emma and her 32-year-old sister Elsie created the blog “A Beautiful Mess.”  Their business has expanded over the years to now include two books, three smartphone apps, and much more.

Local Entrepreneur Talks About Blogging Success 1

My sister and I have been blogging for about seven years,” said Emma.  “That’s where I make the majority of my income from, the blog. It’s mainly a lifestyle blog for women.  The sisters cover a variety of topics. Things like crafts, home decor, decorating, cooking,” said Emma.  “A little fashion and a little beauty.

Around 1.5 million people visit the site each month.

40 percent of our readers are all over the world,” Emma said.  “They’re not even in the U.S.” The girls also juggle three best-selling smartphone apps– “A Beautiful Mess,” “Party Party,” and “A Color Story.”  The “A Beautiful Mess” app has over one million downloads. We created a separate company from a beautiful mess called “A Color Story” after the third app, and it will grow and have its own staff,” said Emma.  “Because we need more workforce to make all these things happen.

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Their success doesn’t stop there.  They’ve also released two books and teach online classes at “Shop a Beautiful Mess. Our mom was a high school art teacher– so we grew up making a lot of messes at home and making things,” Emma said.  “And eventually– we started the blog to meet people online and talk to other crafty people.”

While the sisters dream big, they also embrace the imperfections of life.

It is all beautiful stuff, and we are trying to make things beautiful and professional– but also, sometimes things are messy– and that’s good,” said Emma.  “It’s not something we should be discouraged by. While their blog and apps reach people all across the globe, Emma wanted to offer something locally as well– The Golden Girl Rum Club. I probably like photographing food as much as I like cooking,” said Emma.  “And I love eating the most– so I wanted to do something here in Springfield. And whether near or far, these girls dedicate their lives to their craft– hoping others can find some inspiration from their own beautiful messes.

I love my job,” said Emma.  “And I think I would love it even if no one followed me. The Golden Girl Rum Club opened within the past few months on the square in downtown Springfield.  Bar hours are 11 a.m.-2 p.m. for lunch and 5 p.m.-1 a.m. for dinner Tuesday-Saturday. Elsie now lives in Nashville– but the two still manage the blog together and are now finishing up a cookbook, which should hit stories and the internet in 2017.

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