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MNO Portal Services For Mobile Operators

In the current scenario of declining voice revenue and greater competition, mobile operators see mobile content and applications to increase revenue and combat competition to attract new customers and win the loyalty of existing ones. To make their presence felt in this competitive scenario, mobile operators need to deliver content and services in various forms.

Mobile Portals have become a major part of MNO strategy, implemented to drive ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) and to ensure a combination of a wide service offering and powerful drivers of data traffic and premium revenue Graet News Network. The MNO Portal is all about managing the full life cycle of mobile services offered by a network. The MNO portal provides a friendly interface for the design and execution of mass-scale or targeted marketing campaigns.

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Services like ring tone downloads, news and entertainment services, chat services, and much more can be pushed to the subscribers. Mobile operators can decide which services to promote to which customers can run targeted campaigns based on subscriber segmentation, service strategy, or handset deployment. By sending an interactive message with a one-click link to action, a promotion campaign puts the right message directly into the consumer’s hands.

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The MNO portal provides an answer to suit both operators and subscribers regarding services and user experience, thus increasing service usage and revenues.

Benefits to the Subscribers

• Trouble-free Access – All services are accessible from one entry point, the subscriber’s SIM service menu. Users don’t need to learn hi-tech configurations or no need to remember complex codes
• Services – A large choice of service categories, maximizing convenience
• Availability of Dynamic information – Daily updates of content; introduction of new services, removal of obsolete or non-adapted ones. Information, news, new services, and much more delivered dynamically
• Accessibility – Wherever, whenever, through any handset

Benefits for mobile operators

• Centralized services management
• Higher Revenue through increased service usage, and traffic
• Reach extends to 100% of subscribers
• Enhanced reputation and image as a value-added service provided
• Loyal customer base

Sim card is a single point of accessing services allows mobile operators to:

• Offer device-independent accessibility to all of their services
• Manage all services from one central location
• Focus on services improvement through user statistics and preferences

The mobile content delivery platform offers a versatile platform to the new age Application Service Providers and Enterprises for managing, storing, and distributing all their wireless media, images, sounds, and streaming video to a mobile subscriber base. The cost of content management (typically consisting of content creation, operations, migration, and validation) increases when mobile content is managed separately.

A unified delivery platform can be the best and most cost-effective way to publish content seamlessly across various channels. The unified content delivery platform helps organizations increase return on investment (ROI) on their existing content investments. Irrespective of the degree of control over content available via MNO portals, MNOs must take responsibility.

The content available to customers via their networks if they drive revenue from that content. Ensuring the MNO portal is a success requires a thorough understanding of the costs and benefits associated with the operators’ preferred portal development strategy. Equally, effective assessment of the ROI requires effective cost allocation and benefit measurement.

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