Windows Mobile Operating System Courier Software

Windows mobile is clearly establishing itself as the mobile operating system of choice, especially within the courier industry. If you want to be sure to have the most useful and cutting edge courier software at your disposal, you may want to opt for a program which operates on this OS and the Courier Complete software is one of the best.

The primary advantage to going the route of a program which operates on Windows mobile OS is that there are now so many devices that run this operating system that you have a lot of choice when it comes to integrating phones and other products with the software. Also, when you integrate a mobile OS with a desktop OS, there is always the potential for certain conflicts, making it difficult to transfer information back and forth. This is much less of a problem when both of the operating systems in question are made by the same company.

Windows is still nearly untouched in terms of its dominance in the field of operating systems. While it is fair to say that the Mac OS has garnered much larger support in private use over the last several years, the corporate world is still largely windows dominated. The exceptions to this are in very specific individual niches. The business world at large is still mainly a Windows community.


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This is one more reason why running a Windows based program is an advantage. This means that everything is just going to integrate more smoothly. Remember that doesn’t just mean between your mobile units and your own computers. It also includes the transfer of information between the new courier software and your clients’ computers, which are going to be mostly made up of Windows based PCs.

The nice thing about sticking with a Windows based mobile solution is that there is a good chance that your existing hardware is going to be compatible with the new program that you buy. When you buy new software, it represents an investment in your company, but not a terribly onerous one. That can change if you’re forced to upgrade your hardware, which can be incredibly expensive depending on the size of your company. If you’re already running Windows Mobile hardware though, the new software should install easily without any hardware upgrades being necessary. Check with the software manufacturer before you assume that though just in case, as you should never take software/hardware compatibility for granted.

Paul McDuffy is a consultant for courier software and courier service software companies as well as international local express delivery businesses