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Google Android and the Latest Trends Enveloping the Platform

Google Android and the Latest Trends Enveloping the Platform

Android-powered devices are all over the smartphone and tablet devices market since the demand has risen considerably. Android is one of the popular platforms for mobile development companies engaged in a plethora of Android app development projects. Since Android is an open-source platform, developers have the incredible advantage of making ample use of the technology for innovative mobile apps and projects and also attend to the growing demand from the users.

Mobile developers are particularly adept at harnessing the best qualities of the platform for building applications. Most of them prefer using Java language and Scripting Layer for Android (SL4A) to write mobile applications. Also, all Android versions from 2.2 Froyo onwards allow Flex to be a language for Android application development projects. Also, after this version, all versions support Adobe Flash and Adobe AIR technologies.


Android application developers perform their programming tasks with the help of Android SDK, which is becoming more and more feature-rich. But it requires an extremely competent and competitive mobile application development company for testing, debugging, and deploying mobile apps Best News Mag.

The Eclipse IDE is one technology that helps in quick Android application development, which is convenient and hassle-free for the developers. The technology works well when customized and enhanced using Android plugins, which expands the Android universe and adds much more features and abilities that were impossible with the vanilla version.

Android Emulators help a great deal when the developers need to ensure that mobile application testing and debugging are working well. The emulators are great for getting a virtual view of the end mobile app. The OS features are simulated to perfection and worked virtually on mobile phones and tablets supporting the Android OS.

Android app developers also use the APIs and include many libraries that help in attributes required for the app. The platform also supports the use of C/C++ libraries along with some core media libraries and the SGL graphics engine. One can also utilize the 3D libraries based on OpenGL ES 1.0 APIs for creating apps for the Android 4.0 version.

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Mobile app developers who are dedicatedly working for the Android platform opt to publish mobile apps they have created for sale in the Android Market. This application store helps in distributing free as well as paid Android-based apps. More than 500,000 mobile apps are in the store right now, but the demand for more apps has not subsided.

The smartphones which support the Android ecosystem have grown tremendously too. This platform reigns in the mobile application development market due to the sheer size of its ecosystem, although it is yet to eclipse the iOS market in the total number of apps in the Apps store. The Android platform has won over other mobile platforms because it has gained a substantial market share in terms of tablets launched in the past year. Many apps were downloaded from tablets alone.

Due to their balance in price point factor, many users who cannot afford Apple products have preferred going for Android. Also, there are multiple options with the platform too. Android Application Development company has a team of skilled and experience Android Developer and iPhone Developer who develops apps for many platforms that suit business needs.