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AT&T finally rolls out Android 6.0 Marshmallow to the LG V10

The Android 6.0 Marshmallow update for the international version of the LG V10 first went live during the first half of March.AT&T finally rolls out Android 6.0 Marshmallow to the LG V10 1

A short while later, Verizon pushed the firmware out to those wielding the V10 on its network, and T-Mobile did likewise earlier this month. Now, AT&T has joined the party, so if your AT&T LG V10 has been waiting on some Marshmallow loving, it’ll soon be graced with the presence of Doze, Google Now on Tap and all of the other treats therein.

Though Marshmallow offers a number of new features, performance tweaks and bug fixes over the preceding Android Lollipop, the wait has been — and continues to be for many others — an arduous one. The fact that it’s taken AT&T a full month longer than it took Verizon to push Marshmallow to the V10 speaks volumes of unpredictability of Android updates.
You can easily be left out in the cold dependent on your device’s model number, location or the carrier you opted to sign up to. Nevertheless, we shouldn’t balk at progress no matter its form, and if you are a V10 owner on AT&T, you shan’t be sitting on your hands for too much longer.

As you might expect, the update bundle is a large one at over 1 GB in size. Once you’ve downloaded and let the installation process work its magic, your device will finally be blessed with all of those wonderful little features that Google threw into Marshmallow.

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Though LG’s modular G5 has been hogging the recent headlines as far as the Korean company is concerned, it’s worth remembering that the V10 is not a bad device at all. The small, secondary display probably hasn’t been the revelation that LG had hoped it would be, and as we noted in our LG V10 review, the handset is not without fault. For tech lovers, though, it’s got plenty of toys.
Have you updated your V10 to Android Marshmallow yet? Let us know how you’re getting on with it by dropping us a comment below.

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