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Featured iPhone 4 Cases

iPhone case manufacturers applauded the iPhone 4 because they will get to manufacture another batch of hot selling products that will hit the market and then again boost their name to belong among the best Apple accessory producer. But the iPhone 4 has a flaw that most users who haven’t purchased iPhone 4 cases yet complain about:

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Its antenna. The solution, buy a case that will prevent your hands from touching the antenna. Not only that, iPhone 4 cases will protect the phone’s touch screen face. Below is the list of popular iPhone 4 cases that are out in the market Top Theto.

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  • OTTERBOX Defender case. This is a three-fold case (a clear front plastic screen, hard plastic interior, and silicone rubber exterior) that provides the best protection for your iPhone 4, plus you can still use the full features of the phone. The only flaw is the bulk that has been added and some inconvenience with the ports.
  • Switch easy Colors. It is a silicone case available in a variety of colors. It is among the best-fitting iPhone 4 cases in the market.
  • ZEROCHROMA TEATRO. A snap-on form case comes with a built-in stand that can rotate and hold the iPhone with portrait and landscape orientation. It is a sturdy type of case that can best fit into the iPhone 4.
  • Speck Fitted. It is the most stylish among the free iPhone 4 cases offered by Apple. It is made up of a hard case with cloth backing with a black and grey plaid design. The only problem is the added weight and size, and again the problem of port accessibility is an issue.
  • INCIPIO SALICYLIC. This offers two-fold protection with a hard plastic exterior cover and a soft silicone interior cover. The only flaw is the bad LED flash interaction that has caused pictures to appear washed out.
  • Case-Mate Vroom. It is a silicone rubber casing that has a very distinctive tire-tread design pattern in its back case. It has a good shock absorption feature and a good rubber grip. IT has a thick rim that sticks above the iPhone’s touch screen that adds to the protection.
  • Griffin Reveal. This is a lightweight iPhone 4 case that is clear at the back and a solid color framing. What you will definitely like about this is the slim type profile. The biggest flaw is it can easily be scratched, and it offers only minimal protection.
  • RHINO Dura Form Case. If you are among those, you wanted something simple and cheap. This case is definitely the answer. It is made of tough rubber with a textured exterior in the likeness of the rhinoceros skin. The only downside is it has no button protection, but additional protection can be bought.
  • Case Mate’s iPhone 4 case. This is a “thin as an eggshell” casing. Other than preventing your fingers from ever touching the antenna, there’s no other protection it can offer you.

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