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A Beautiful Face

Beauty has always held a supreme position in our world. Beauty is one of the great creations of God, which forces us to get attracted to it. During the journey of our life, we came across many beautiful faces. However, there are a few faces among all these which can create strange attentions for them. Mostly, these faces are of women because women are associated with beauty more than men around the world. A beautiful face could be one which we say love at first sight. Love, at first sight, is nothing but an untimely strong attraction towards a gorgeous face in the first instance.

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Those individuals in the world who claim love, at first sight, must have seen some of these types of faces. A beautiful face has the power to affect us from the deeper levels in the first incidence. Exceptional beauties in this world are beyond the thinking and imaginary power of the human being. Therefore we all feel very attracted towards these faces at the first instance because these faces a challenge over creativity. Due to this reason, we find many painters painting pictures of beautiful women and trying to make them even more beautiful so that they can satisfy their lust for supremacy.

The second important thing is that beauty is a natural phenomenon, and it is natural for any person to get attracted to a beautiful object. We all share the same perception of beauty, and due to this, a beautiful person is beautiful to all. A beautiful face is a distinguished asset for the person but still may be a big curse at the same time. A beautiful face is a great asset as it allows the person holding beauty to attract many people towards itself, like a strong magnet pulls many small iron pieces towards itself. More strong the beauty, the more attractions it will have. Mostly these people are given a lot of importance and privilege in society.

However, simultaneously, this beauty also has some of the major side effects associated with it. Due to this strong attraction, this beauty attracts many unwanted people or circumstances that can completely change the life of a person who holds beauty. Second, due to a lot of rush and hassle, the beautiful person may lose his personal space. Third, beauty can start overshadowing the intellectual and forcing person to make decisions as per his or her beauty. These are some of the good and negative aspects of having a beautiful face. However, it depends upon the person who holds beauty to adopt his life paths and allows how much interference in life.

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Third, a beautiful person always needs to remember that beauty is only for few years. Once it achieves its peak level, the slight decrease in attractiveness starts with the rising age. Like a flower, which grows and blossom to fullness and then got washed into the harshness of the world? Forth, a human mind always strives for new faces; therefore, a beautiful face might lose its appeal to the same set of people after some time. Fifth, time without beauty, like upper middle age and old age, could be tough for the person as many people attached with him or her due to beauty may live him or her.

This article is dedicated to all the alluring women who came into my life.

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