Usage of shopping bags and hoe printed paper bags can attract the customers.

Shopping bags are the most common and are generally medium-sized bags which typically can hold around 10–20 litres of volume (though there are much larger versions exists, especially for non-grocery shopping items), that are used by people to carry home their items after their purchases. Some are intended to be used as single-use disposable products, though people may reuse them for storage or as bin liners, etc. There are many others that are designed as reusable shopping bags. Though this is certain, the types and typical usage of the shopping bags will vary by country to country. There are lots of shopping bag manufacturer across the globe who follow certain standards to manufacture the bags, based on how does it impact the lives of the world creatures, which means that the product that are manufactured doesn’t cause any damage to the lives of humans or any endangered species.

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For example, many European Union countries allowed single-use plastic shopping bags and are provided free by the stores and have been common into the early 21st century, but their usage is gradually becoming less widespread, partly due to the environmental legislation that has been imparted strictly. There are paper bags that are manufactured by leading companies, which is said to take a very less time to decompose comparing to other materials. Many such companies also manufacture Printed paper bags in order to attract the customers and make them realize the harmful effects of the plastic bags. It also encourages the people to use paper bags for all purposes.

The bags can be made custom one by printing any images or any social images, paintings or it can also be any personalized photos on it so that the customers would be eager to buy them. This would equally bring in the environmental awareness among the people. The printed bags can be bough online as well across the stores in the grocery shops or malls etc by paying very less amount for making ourselves realize that the usage of plastic would cost the lives of the living creatures.

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