Carry Your Mobile With International SIM As an Alternative of Roaming

With various mobile models available in the market, it provides diverse options for people to communicate from anywhere, anytime. While you are planning for an out-station trip, you wouldn’t hesitate to carry the same number in your handset. However, you would certainly mind carrying your national number in the same phone during your international trip due to huge roaming charges.

Hence, telecom experts have found an alternative of international roaming wherein the users can take their own mobile phone in their overseas trip. The mobile users can carry a local SIM card of the destination country in their phone before their departure. This saves not only time and energy, but also saves on costs. While taking a telecom solution, you can consult with them about the handset compatibility so that the international SIM cards can work on your existing mobile phone. In general, it is important to use network unlocked handsets with the same handset frequency as supported by the destination network My Update Star.

If you are among those people who love to use only BlackBerry or iPhone/Smartphone, then you can mention your requirement in advance so that the plans can be customized as per your preference.

BlackBerry Users

The telecom service providers have Blackberry SIM cards wherein travellers have an option of taking limited and unlimited plans. In limited plan, the travellers enjoy unlimited BBM and e-mailing whereas in unlimited plans, the travellers can also enjoy unlimited browsing.


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Apart from these, there are voice and BlackBerry plans wherein users can also make calls from the destination to the home country. These plans are customized as per travellers’ convenience so that they can make the best use of their mobile device during their international trip.

iPhone or other Smartphone Users

iPhone users have the convenience of taking a micro or nano SIM of the destination country before their travel. Usually, telecom companies provide normal SIM cards by default. However, there are micro and nano SIM cards available to meet the requirement of iPhone users.

Apart from iPhone, there are other smartphones available in the market. The companies also customize special plans for other smartphones so that the users can have easy access to mails and data, while they are on the go.

If your work also demands lot of travelling, you can also consult with one of the telecom experts about variety of plans available and choose the plan that fits your international communication needs. The experts will educate you about the dialling instructions, how to get started, troubleshooting steps and other value-add services, and also provide you hand-outs for reference during the trip.

Author is working with an international roaming service provider in India. His company also provides Blackberry SIM cards to travelers who are visiting abroad along with their BlackBerry cell phone.