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How To Get Ready For A Long-Term International Trip

Taking a trip out of the country can be overwhelming. There are lots of important details to tend to before you leave your home behind. With the right amount of planning, you can make this a smooth and seamless venture and ensure that nothing gets overlooked. Following is a comprehensive checklist to help you get started.

How To Get Ready For A Long-Term International Trip 1

Make sure that there are no loose ends at work. Let your co-workers know when you will be leaving and your exact date of return. Send out regular email reminders in advance of your trip so that no one forgets. Clean out your inbox and delegate all unfinished business to capable parties. You should also create an auto-message for all email contacts and update your status on your voice message. Have a special contact person set up in the office to field calls and mitigate problems on your behalf.

At home, let your utility companies know that you’ll be leaving and for how long. Turn off the gas and electricity in your home if you’re worried about potential fires. In houses that require these measures, you can even have the utility company handle this for you. Clean out your refrigerator so that no spoiled foods are awaiting you when you return. If you have the funds, consider hiring a housekeeper to do one final clean before you go. This way, you can come home to a tidy and fresh-smelling abode.

Has your vehicle serviced? Sitting dormant for several months can be just as bad for a vehicle as heavy use and limited or poor maintenance. Ensure that all fluids are at the appropriate levels, and be sure that your gas tank is full. This will prevent sediment from collecting in the engine as the water within fuel begins to evaporate.

You will also need to recruit a friend or family member to turn your vehicle on for you if you are gone for three weeks or more. After sitting dormant for several weeks, the car battery will be drained. Having someone run the vehicle on your behalf will prevent this unnecessary wear and tear.

Consider having your luggage shipped out to your destination ahead of your trip. This can save you a lot of money and time. Not only will you spend less time checking in at the airport, but you’ll also have a lot less to carry. Many luggage shipment companies will deliver your items right to the hotel of your choosing.

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Check to ensure that you’ll have funds at the destination. Pack several credit cards or traveler’s checks and bring a suitable amount of cash. Stow these things in safe, secure places, and be sure to obtain travel insurance. Hindsight is the wrong time to discover that you have not purchased enough protection. Also, you’ll be a lot less worried about the potential loss when you’ve secured the protection you need.

Think about using a long-term international airport parking service. This will cover you for transportation both to and from the airport, given that these companies often have complimentary shuttles. These professionals can also assist by turning your car on as necessary. Using these professionals is often the easiest and surest way to protect your auto when planning to leave the country for several weeks or more.

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