To Mac or Not to Mac?

Macs versus PCs which one is better?

Mac VS. PC

If you’re reading this article you’re interested in the comparison of Macs versus PCs. Maybe you’re on the cusp of purchasing a new machine or you’re deciding on weather your company should migrate from one to other. Hopefully the below article will help you make an informed decision on your next purchase(s).


For a long time now Macs have crushed PCs on pure beauty by simplicity and unfortunately for PC users this is still the case. PC manufactures such as Asus with it’s Zenbook, Dell with it’s Ultrabook line and Microsoft with its Surface have made tremendous strives in design, however the Macbook Air still surpasses its competitors with a symbolic balance of style, minimalism and sleekness.

Point = Mac


It should come as no surprise PCs mainly PCs with Windows control almost 90% of the market. Most offices will consist of mostly PCs and even the ones that aren’t primarily PC based will be able to support PCs. In addition most hardware and software components, routers, switches servers, monitors are design with PCs in mind. Considering there is an increased demand for Apple products and an increased migration towards the cloud this is slowly changing however PCs still hold a victory in this column.

Point = PC


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At least once a week a Windows user will come to me stating his computer is slow, and nine times out of ten it’s virus related. Rarely is this the case on a Mac. Windows with UAC (User Account Control) and Security essentials (free virus scanner) has made significant strives in protecting it’s users however Mac with it’s Unix kernel and it’s strict app store still come out ahead in this category.

Point = Mac


Macs have always been the choice of design and photography specialist because of its performance and graphics capabilities. Regardless of the fact that Apple has recently migrated to the same chips used by PC”s, Intel chips this performance has not be negated. Yes PCs can be customized to provide the same specs however the Mac OS in combination with the hardware provide a reliable powerhouse which overtime out preforms most PCs.

Point = Mac


This last category is a tough one; on the one side Mac with its built in Time Machine software makes recovery of files and even operating systems a breeze. On the other hand if there’s physical damage to the unit, such as a bad hard drive PC”s hands down make for a much easier repair. Typically to replace a hard drive in a PC requires nothing more than a screwdriver. However with most Mac models special tools are required. With an iMac suction cups are even necessary. With that said this category goes to Mac. You’ll typically get a few years out of your machine before the hardware starts to go bad.

Point = Mac

Recommendation, get a Mac. For Windows users Mac does take some getting use to but once you go Mac you’ll never go back. There are some trade offs as described above and you must also make the best decision for you. Each person is different, but from an objective point of view Mac is hands down surpassing PCs.

Score: Mac 4 | PC 1