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Mac Computer Ownership – 10 Facts About Switching From Windows to Mac

Sales of Mac computers surged in 2007. Many analysts attribute the Mac’s increased popularity to the “Halo Effect” of the iPod and/or iPhone. It could also be because PC buyers are fed up with the constant threats of computer viruses and spyware programs. However, many potential Mac converts are understandably apprehensive about diving into unknown waters.

This being the case, here are 10 Mac Facts.

Despite the advantages Mac computers have over Windows computers, both computers operate pretty much the same way. Basically, if you can point and click the mouse and use a computer keyboard, you’re golden. Transferring files between Macs and PCs is no longer an issue. You can send a Microsoft Office document from your PC at work to your Mac at home, work on the document on your Mac, and then send it back to your PC at work without any problems.

Mac Computer Ownership - 10 Facts About Switching From Windows to Mac 1

The software bundle included with new Mac computers makes them a better value than similarly equipped PCs. You can open and edit pictures, photos, and Microsoft Word documents created on a Windows computer without any additional software. You can purchase Apple’s iWork suite of applications to open, create & edit Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations. Microsoft Office 2008 for the Mac has a January 08 release date.

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You can run Windows XP and Windows Vista on newer Mac computers without any additional software (except the installation disc for the Windows OS that you want to install on your Mac). Due to the increased compatibility between Windows and Mac computers and the plethora of software that has been created for the Mac platform, installing Windows on your new Mac will probably not be necessary.

I have never installed any form of virus protection on my Mac computers and have never experienced any problems with viruses or spyware. If there is an Apple Store in your area, you can have a “genius” transfer the data from your old PC to your new Mac. You can also copy the files from your PC to an external hard drive and then copy the files from the external drive to your new Mac.

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