Motorola Razr – A Future Classic?

The Motorola Razr V3 became released and advertised as a contemporary cellphone with a swish layout. well, as the Motorola v3 Razr has end up more and more famous it start to appear like that very design that they advertised as cutting-edge goes to quickly emerge as a destiny conventional design. Already there are rival telephones copying the slender form and packing in as many features as the razr.

As era permits us to have smaller and smaller telephones, one of the common things we are going to see is a thin profile and a much wider face. this is of route exactly what the Motorola v3 Razr is and what it has contributed to the designs of destiny cellular telephones. Even Motorola’s latest launch the Motorola Q follows that same primary layout of thin profile wide face, as does the Blackberry and different similar mini-laptop cellular telephones.

The Motorola v3 Razr’s unique design featured such a lot of new innovations like the twin display shade show with its 176 x 220 pixel show that lets in you to peer clearer and greater colorful coloration and pictures. Or the brand new metallic keypad that could be a first for a cell telephone. This precision reduces metallic keypad is nickel plated, and made to catch the eye of users. Of direction, you can’t forget about the overall look of the thin cowl of anodized aluminum that gives the telephone its metallic sheen. once the Razr V3 changed into seen inside the palms and handbags of celebrities and celebrities wannabe’s it future changed into assured. Following on from the initial V3 came many other versions, colored, dressmaker variations and limited variations full of extra capabilities and capabilities.


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The Motorola v3 Razr’s layout is one for the long time and is being used to inspire Motorola and other cellular cellphone companies to improve their mobile phones within the future through imposing functions of the traditional design this is the Motorola v3 Razr. That on my own ought to be sufficient to ensure it location as a classic smartphone in the destiny.