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Nokia N Series – An Ambassador of Technology Revolution

Ten years ago, who had thought, there would be a small device in our hand giving so much within no time? Certainly, mobile phones have brought a paradigm shift in technological development in the present era. Nokia has been the ambassador of all these changes coming with an array of innovative and entertaining handsets. ” Nokia N series mobile phones” is the name of a new revolution in the coming future.

It has been a long time now since the launch of the first N-Series mobile handset. However, the N-Series after-effect is still very strong in us. We still can’t forget how radically our vision towards mobile phones did change with these brand new mobile handsets. All the handsets featured in this series are empowered by the latest in mobile telecommunication technology; in addition, they are stylishly designed and easy to use!

Nokia N Series - An Ambassador of Technology Revolution 1

The Nokia N series mobile phones range is an iconic example of the fastest growing product category in the mobile space. The new addition in Nokia N series family include Nokia N95, Nokia N96, Nokia N98, Nokia and N96i. Nokia boasts of calling these handsets music phones, which gives a new dimension of listening to music on the phone. The recently launched Nokia N95 is the best manifestation of Nokia’s cutting-edge technologies to date.

The handset resembles a miniature computer mainly because of its power and capabilities. An integrated 5-megapixel digital camera with auto focus, digital zoom, and flash are some of the key attractions of this Nokia mobile. Great shots can be obtained using advanced imaging capabilities. Moreover, the optical lens that is part of this cell phone makes the handset a prized possession for people with a passion for photography Global Amend.

The Nokia N96 is the latest mobile phone from the N series that combines advanced features and trendy design. It is equipped with a 7.1-megapixel camera and has an 8 GB storage capacity. Its huge storage capacity gives enough storage space to save your favorite music tracks and important documents.

It consists of the latest technology, surfing, gaming, downloading images, and a live high definition television option. Loaded with such striking features, this beautiful handset becomes the ultimate mode of communication. It is much ahead of the other leading phones in quality, features, style, or innovation.

With amazing artwork and excellent photoshop effort, Nokia N 98 promises to make your dreams come true. It boasts a 7.2 mega pixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens, 5x optical zoom, 3.5″ touch screen, an integrated GPS receiver, 3D graphics accelerator, Wi-Fi, and many other unique features. The high-resolution camera and its zooming capacity make this phone competing with the superior digital camera too.

On the other hand Nokia N 96i has got some other features to show off. It comes with a 5.5-megapixel camera, MP3 & MP4 files support, and a TFT display. This handset again offers an unbelievable music sound quality. It is gaining popularity as an entertainment package with the most advanced technology.

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The Nokia N series is exemplary of the manufacturer’s expertise through its tremendous popularity and state-of-the-art functionalities. These phones define the future of the mobile phone industry.

The entire family introduces 3G technology-based phones with par excellence. The magical products of Nokia continue to serenade people all over the world. As a genuine leader, Nokia is leading from the front by focusing on continuous research and development and introducing the new and unseen technology.

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