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Modern Ways of Providing Web Applications to Mobile Devices

Nowadays, mobile devices have become an important part of our daily life. If these mobile devices are provided with an Internet facility, they will be handy in many ways. Important data can be sent to our clients at the right time without any interruptions. Many improvements were made using WML, WMLScript, and WBMP using a server.

The term mobile device refers to many different devices such as mobile phones, Pagers, Palm Pilots, Pocket PC’s and Auto PC’s, etc. Some of these devices are provided with WML, and some are provided with HTML, and some are provided with both WML and HTML. Microsoft company invented the “.NET Framework.” It is an advanced improved application program. It consists of ASP.NET for net development.

Modern Ways of Providing Web Applications to Mobile Devices 1

IE, Netscape,, Nokia Cell phones, and Pocket PC’s are some of the customers who use ASP.NET net developments. Any of the.NET can support ASP.NET applications supported languages, including VB.NET, JScript, Managed C++, C#, etc. Cookies are essential in storing small and simple data personally and are also very safe to use the automatic sign-inability. It is, therefore, useful to develop cookie support in mobile devices also Graet Intelligence.

The screen resolution and dimensions of the mobile devices are some of the common features to consider for web providers of mobile devices to provide proper facilities to their customers. There are different constraints in a low-end mobile device, such as the screen’s resolution and restricted access to produce XHTML documents. All the web browsers used in a desktop PC can also be used in high-quality mobile devices. The speed of mobile devices cannot be as fast as normal broadband Internet speeds.

Mobile web service providers should consider what type of customers they will serve and what their customers will be doing to provide the best mobile website service. Google has researched a lot on how to provide the best website service for mobile users. Advertisers think that using the mobile web is a very effective way to reach their customers. It was estimated in 2007 that about 2.2 billion dollars were invested in mobile web advertising. Also, researches conducted reveal that many people have started making purchases based on mobile web advertisements.

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There are also many disadvantages to using a mobile web application. Some of those include the small screen size, lack of windows, navigation issues, lack of JavaScript and cookies, kinds of accessible pages, speed, broken pages, compressed pages, size of messages, cost, location of the mobile user, a circumstance in which the advertisements reach its customers, etc.

Many modern smartphones are introduced, including the iPhone, and some using the Android operating system, which can overcome most of these disadvantages. The development of mobile web applications has made many hospitals improve their mobile phone isolated areas. A study conducted by Erik van Lieshout and colleagues revealed that the GPRS facility used in mobile phones could cause an effect on devices, which are situated three meters away.

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