Modern Mobile Devices and Their Security Risks

Evolution of the mobile-phone communications has reached a different level. Manufacturers are working day and night in developing and commercializing new models. There are providers who are coming up with very sophisticated mobile phone models. They have placed computer chips in most of the models which has made them simple pocket-computer devices. In short, modern mobile devices have designed in such a way that they’re not only for the purpose of communication, but also facilitate services such as entertainment, research, photography jobs, and many other tasks. More so, some mobile devices like smartphones (android and windows phones) have been designed to offer extra comfort to the users. They are not only attractive but very multi-tasked. What has come to our attention is that all these modern modifications are prone to render security risks.

Some modern mobile devices that accept installation of software’s have portrayed security risks. There are some app developers that have developed apps that can be used by users with evil intentions of taking part in crimes like theft. For instance; there are mobile applications that have been used by hackers to steal money from ATMs and bank accounts easily. Though some banks themselves have developed their mobile apps for their customers, some have had some security defaults. A good example is the Starbucks app. Hackers draining funds via its mobile apps. The developers of the Starbucks app didn’t create software that grants their customers 100% safety of their passwords.

This is just one example, according to security company Arxan Technologies, all of the top 100 paid apps have been hacked. The reports however do not clarify that all the apps are malware. Only those that are downloaded through a third party apart from secure sources like the Google Play store. But hackers can only target financial apps
( Many users have had their deposits drained from their accounts without their consent.

It’s not only the mobile apps that have rendered the mobile users insecure. Terrorist groups have succeeded highly in recruiting new entrants. This has been achieved through the use of internet in the modern mobile devices, hiding caller identity, getting the location of a person via caller location apps, emails, and many other impersonation ways. Whats-app is one of the apps that have posed some security risks to the users. This is one modern method of sending highly confidential information through mobile phones. Criminals have taken advantage of this since there are no parties that can view the shared information apart from the sender and the receivers.


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It isn’t only terror groups, but scammers are using modern devices to cone people. There are mobile phones for instance that have voice changers. This has highly facilitated the impersonation of the scammers. There are many people who have taken advantage of existing mobile network providers’ promotions in rooting money out of individuals. This is one experience that almost all people have come across. Some have fallen into the traps of the scammers due to lack of enough public attention on the issue. They continue to excel more in their business with the emergency of very new advanced mobile devices.

Let it be known henceforth that we are not safe with these modern mobile devices especially the ones that have installation of apps. The best thing to do is to avoid downloading apps from third parties and not to easily trust strangers in mobile calls. Even though the modern devices have many security risks, they have also changed the face of communications in the entire world.