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How To Make Money Online With Blogger

This article describes a technique that I successfully use to make a regular online income. It’s the avenue that anybody should consider Internet marketing but does not have any money to invest in hosting or design. It’s surprisingly simple too, all you need is a product to advertise, a free blogger blog, and a blogger squeeze page template. The only other thing you have to do is to promote the free blogger blog on niche-related forums, and Yahoo answers Twitter and a few good article directories.

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First and foremost, you need to find a niche and perform thorough keyword research. A good place to get ideas is Google’s wonder wheel. This little enhancement to the search facility is a valuable tool as it displays graphically keywords related to your search phrase. Using the wonder wheel will present you with a lot of good keyword phrase ideas. You can also drill down through the wonder wheel to discover some real gems.

Another tool you should be using is the Google AdWords External tool. This will give you a good idea of the competition and reveal some profitable keywords that paid advertisers are not exploiting. Keyword research is such an important facet of the Internet marketing process, and it’s something that you really have to get right if you want to make a good living online from free traffic.

Another thing to consider once you have found the keyword phrase you’re going to target is using the keyword phrase in your free blogger domain name. For example, if my area of interest were blogger squeeze pages, I would use this phrase as my blogger domain name. This is such a simple technique, and yet so many people overlook it and opt for a domain name that bears no relevance to the product they are promoting.

Once you have set up your Blogger account, go to the design options of the blog and upload your squeeze page theme. You can then use this simple one-page website to promote your own product on that of affiliates. The next thing to do is to start promoting your free blog. You can do this by joining forums related to your niche and creating a signature file that points to your free blogger blog. Other places to promote your blog worth considering are Twitter, Yahoo!

Answers, indeed anywhere where people are discussing the product which you are promoting. Get your Twitter account to schedule posts advertising your blog, it’s not too complicated to completely automate your Twitter account, and there are several account management applications available online. Just pick one which you can easily afford and get that working for you.

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I was amazed when I started using this method of making money online; in the past, I always used paid hosting (I still do to some extent), so I had the costs associated with the hosting. Nowadays, however, I have several free blogger blogs that are consistently making me money online. I think this truly is the best option open to anybody who wants to make money from Internet marketing but doesn’t have the resources to invest in advertising.

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Rob Maggs is a successful software developer and Internet Marketer based on the Isle Of Anglesey in the United Kingdom. He specializes in creating Internet Marketing Software. He is also the creator of the Blogger Squeeze Page, which can make your free blog profitable.

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