Earn Money! Internet Tips For You to Make Money Online

Want to know how to earn money online?

Here are the most popular methods that someone can make money online through the use of the internet.

1. Trading – This includes stock trading, forex trading, futures trading and options trading. In order to make money here you need to look at the market and track the performance of a stock or underlying asset and implement a strategy that allows you to make profit. Generally, when people talking about earning money online they talk about internet marketing or affiliate marketing and do not refer to trading. However, you can trade online and make a good living if you are good at it.

2. Affiliate Marketing – this is when you use someoe else’s product and you strike up an agreement with the product owner in order to simply get a commission of the sales that you generate. So the way you generate commission is through the promotion the person’s product through the traffic you send to their website. Commissions can range from a little such as 3% up to 75% if you sell digital products!

3. Online Shops (eBay) – Apart from affiliate marketing, you can also set up online shops like eBay. This is a bit more involved than affiliate marketing because you generally deal with tangible goods. So that means you have to deal with storage, delivery and talk to suppliers. So in other words you are running a real shop like Walmart or 7-11 except your shop front is online. This requires a lot more time and effort than simply directing traffic but good money can still be made here.


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Now, personally I’m a fan of affiliate marketing.

That’s not to say that I have not made money using the other methods mentioned, because I have.

I just find that affiliate marketing is the most beneficial and easy to do ,because it is truly set and forget.

With online trading, what you need to do is watch the underlying asset and monitor what you think it will do.

With eBay shops you need to deal with customer support and packaging of products.

But that’s not the case at all with affiliate marketing.

You know what?

Is that you do not need to have a product yourself.

You simply direct someone to the seller’s page and the seller will deal with the delivery, the storage and even the payment. In other words, you simply sit back direct traffic and watch the money rolling in!

Sounds too good to be true right?

Well… that’s how it works!

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