Good Feature Writing Examples Get You Closer To Your Byline

It’s far the dream of lots of us that right to be featured above the fold on a leading ebook, internet site or newspaper. For many it remains a dream, however for others who turns goals into action it could grow to be a truth.
Long past are the times when few folks had a voice. Today, with the net, blogs and different news accumulating websites, we can quick and effortlessly come to be posted characteristic writers, even though getting paid for its miles any other matter. The coolest news is that having your weblog featured on Feedburner, or your article at the front web page of Digg or Netscape will generate a lot site visitors and phrase of mouth that paying for the same advertising would be akin to buying commercial time at the fantastic Bowl, and past the reach of maximum.
A function article may be approximately something at all, but it facilitates if it’s far newsworthy. I’ve written an article or two approximately my canine, and whilst it delivered personal achievement, it did not generate a lot traffic. In the newspaper field (and true additionally at the net) the headline “canine Bites guy” garners little attention for the reason that it’s miles an everyday incidence, at the same time as the name “guy Bites dog” makes us all sit up and take notice.

In case you are going to put in writing a feature article on something, supply it a completely unique attitude, and do not replica and paste something you read. That would be plagiarism, and the search engines like Google have a tendency to disregard what they perceive as reproduction content material.

Case studies are frequently provided superb characteristic articles examples, in particular if the observe worries something or someone that could have an effect on all our lives or the economy. When Alan Greenspan, head of the Federal Reserve of the USA from 1987 to 2006, made an assertion humans round the world took word. Turned into it due to the fact he was an awesome creator? As a substitute it became due to the fact what he said affected the lives of tens of millions, billions around the arena.

Pick out what you want to write approximately, write it nicely, however be certain you have a target audience. If someone can examine your characteristic article, and locate it improves their lifestyles or teaches them something they did no longer realize before, you have got the very real opportunity of attaining “above the fold” placement.

A tested a success characteristic article model is the “how to” article. A few examples are:

“how to lose weight and maintain It Off”

“how to Make a lot money Even Your mother-in-law Will assume you are product of Gold”

“the way to stay To one hundred and remain wholesome and suit”

Whilst Winston Churchill uttered the famous words, “in no way, never, in no way give up” he become speaking about international struggle II. however the identical holds true in getting your first featured article published. By no means surrender: in case your article is rejected, revise it, write any other one, or submit it to someplace new. Rejection is part of lifestyles, and virtually a part of any author’s existence.

Recognize your marketplace. This sounds simplistic, but it’s miles essential. Do no longer submit your articles to guides or websites approximately dogs in case your article is set cats. Regardless of your expertise, your paintings ought to healthy the marketplace where it’s far submitted or ebook will be an elusive dream.


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If you are an author, then you definitely have the ability within to be a function writer. Studies, refine, then concentrate if you get a rejection observe: often those editors will manual you towards ultimate fulfillment.