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Peacock – India’s Blue Featured Beauty

The Peacock is the male Indian peafowl identified as one the maximum lovely birds in the world. Labeled as the ‘countrywide bird of India,’ Peacocks are maximum really the pride of India. They belong to the own family of Pavo Cristatus and may be discovered within the woodlands and forests for the duration of India, Srilanka, and Nepal. In India, the peacock is popularly known as ‘more among its population. The average lifespan of the Indian Peacock is around twenty years of age.

Peacock - India's Blue Featured Beauty 1

Peacocks are one every of the most important species of birds. They’re not the handiest popular in India but have caught the eye of humans all around the globe. Those astounding chickens do now not migrate. Peafowls are mainly divided into three classes -the maximum not unusual amongst them are Indian Peafowl, the inexperienced Peafowl, and White Peafowl, The Know It Guy.

The male peafowl is set 107 cm long lengthy with long necks and legs. They weigh around five kgs and are highlighted with a fan-shaped crest on their head. They’re omnivorous, eating grasses and berries in addition to small snakes and lizards too. The tree ft face ahead and one backward.

It has lengthy, brilliantly colored education consisting of as many as 200 feathers with vivid inexperienced, gold, and blue markings that look like eyes. In India, peacocks had been related to the all-seeing solar, and in Greek mythology, these ‘eyespots’ had been said to be a hundred eyes of the massive Argos. While the monsoon comes peacock, dances in the rain, enchanting all with its stylish feathers, forming a awesome display.

Native to Asia, Peafowls a now be located on almost every continent, along with Asia, Africa, North us, and Europe. They were domesticated in lots of parts of the elements. The peacock was bred for food in advance, but now the haunting of peacocks was banned in India.

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