World’s No.1 Blogger

To be the “World No.1 Blogger “, you got to think like one and feel like one first! As the World No.1 Blogger there are many tasks and things you need to do be No.1

Here are 7 Great Tips to be the World No.1 Blogger

1. Exchange Links

To be the World No.1 Blogger you must exchange links to as many as you can exchange with. There are many ways to go about it, you can ask for it, buy it, exchange it or comment on other sites to get free back links.

Exchange of links is a key factor that will determine if you want to be the World No.1 Blogger as when you have more links to you from other blogs it will create a viral effect for your blog and more people will know about your site.

On top of just exchange links, if possible you would also want the link anchor name to be the keyword you are targeting to help in your make your blog looking sticky to search engines.

2. Getting High Page Rank In Search Engines

As the World No.1 Blogger you need to get high page rank in order to be loved by search engines. This in return will index your page faster and position your site content in search engine results to rank higher.

Why high page rank? Search engine actually determines if a site is of quality content by its page rank. The higher your page rank, the higher chances when you do a post on your blog your post will appear no.1 on search engine.

3. Technorati the blogsphere

No one has come close to what Technorati has done and to be the World No.1 Blogger you must register your blog to Technorati. What Technorati is about is a blog search engine and they have indexed about 55 Millions to date and raising everyday.

A major mistake done by most bloggers is that they fail to actually register their blog to Technorati which is very important in blogging!

4. Burn your blog with FeedBurner

To stay a head of your competitors and to be the World No.1 Blogger , Feedburner is a must register for any new blog. Feedburner actually converts your blog’s XML content and generate a feed to get it automatically submitted to search engine for you on your behalf.

The important part about FeedBurner is that, you will get index faster by search engines when you install FeedBurner to your blog and install it!

5. Quality Content

As the World No.1 Blogger , it is not the quantity that matters it is actually the quality that is of most importance. You must be able to post quality content for your readers to read.

With no quality content, it will not create any viral effect for your blog to be popular. If you have a problem of getting quality content then get ideas from other sites.


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6. Generate Tons of Cash

What is the World No.1 Blogger will be if he or she is unable to generate any cash from the blog? To generate cash, you need to monetized your blog. You can generate cash from placing affiliate links, PPC advertisements, selling banners and so much more.

Just search for making money in blog and you will find more ideas how you can get tons of cash from blogs

7. The Right Platform for Internet Business

To be the World No.1 Blogger you will also need the right platform to work on. The best open source platform you can do your blog would be using WordPress.

WordPress has over 3,000 over templates to choose from online and over 1,200 plugins that you can install to enhance your blog system

If you have been blogging for a while or thinking of setting up a blog to be the World No.1 Blogger these 7 tips will come a long way to help position yourself as the World No.1 Blogger .