Before You Install an Operating System on Your PC

You are the proud owner of a personal computer and the last thing you have to do before you enjoy all the benefits this machine will have to offer you, you must first install an operating system on your PC.

What you should know is that before you install an operating system on your personal computer you must first go through a few steps that will ensure that the whole process will go as smoothly as possible and with no repercussions.

This is you guide on what to do before you install an operating system on your personal computer:
Back up your hard drive – if you have any valuable information on your personal computer which you would hate to loose the best thing to do is to put them all into a single folder and then create back up for your hard drive. You can do this by adding the information to an external hard drive, a USB drive or simply on a different partition.

De-fragment your hard drive – before you add a new operating platform on your PC you must first be sure that the old one was in proper working conditions and that your hard drive does not have any unnecessary information lying around in it. For that respect a de-fragmentation for your hard drive is the best course of action World Scoop.

Read the installation instructions wisely – before you begin installing the operating system on your personal computer you best read all the information you have available that is located on the cover of your operating platform.

Keep your driver disks handy – after the installation process for the operating system has been completed it is best to have all the drivers necessary for all your computer components handy. After your computer has booted you will be prompted to insert all the necessary disks for your motherboard, video board, audio board and modem if necessarily.


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Talk to one of your friend before installing the new operating system on your personal computer. If you know a person that uses the same operating platform you would like to install on your machine then he is the perfect guide. That person can assist you while installing the operating system and can offer you inside information on how that platform best works.

The operating platform for your personal computer is like the canvas for a beautiful painting. You can not build a strong house without a solid foundation. But enough with the analogies; you now know what to do before you install an operating system on your PC.

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