The Utilities Of The Samsung G800

MobilrThe Samsung G800 is a cell made with the expectancy of offering excessive stop connectivity. This handset makes use of the high-quality networks available to carry excessive cease connectivity to the customers. Furthermore, its usability is similarly simplified by means of the presence of GSM community that permits people to stay linked at the telephone even if it’s far carried to foreign places. The burden of the handset is 134 gms and it measures one hundred and one x 51.1 x 18.8 mm.

The gadget is equipped with some extraordinary parts inclusive of a display screen, a digicam, music participant, FM radio and constructed in handsfree. These facilities make it viable for the owner to apply the handset for a spread of functions. The digital camera is first-rate for taking pictures picture-sharp pix. The tune participant is known for its clarity of playing songs. The FM radio maintains its dominating role of broadcasting applications that thrill the target market. The cell may be carried whilst traveling exclusive places because it serves all functions beginning from connectivity, photography and taking note of music whilst on the manner. The digicam can also be used to document films and this will in the end cause bringing domestic all the valuable moments even as taking part in the trip.

The system is likewise bountiful because of the presence of a WAP browser. This browser allows the surfing of net at excessive speed. So, on every occasion the cellphone is connected to net, you’ll be able to explore all possibilities and open websites and locate data about subjects that one may be seeking out. The person can also download objects that includes tune files, ringtones, photos, wallpapers and videos from exclusive web sites. The net additionally enables the customers to ship and acquire emails that could comprise attachments too. The attachments may be viewed using the record viewer of the cellular which could open documents in phrase, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF formats.

The Samsung G800 is likewise great for leisure functions. The net may be used to download games at the handset that can be played for hours each time there is loose time. Besides, the song is a superb source of satisfaction and its participant can play tune in formats along with MP3, AAC, AAC+, e-AAC+ and WMA. The FM radio also can be used for enjoyment functions as there is a radio jockey to bring stay entertainments inside the shape of songs, track, jokes and observation of games. The cellular has constructed in hands-loose and so it’s miles viable to pay attention to music without always plugging in the earphones My Pro Blog.


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Connectivity is performed with alternatives together with GPRS, part, 3G, Bluetooth and USB. Those permit human beings to connect with others and to transfer documents easily. Bluetooth is ideal for it transfers files tirelessly. You can still connect to well matched gadgets with no trouble the usage of these networks. The memory of the Samsung G800 is slated at 160 MB and the battery gives a standby time of 220 hr and talktime of 3 hr 20 minutes. The device can be used without the worry that the battery fee will get elapsed soon.