Traversing the Birthplace of Jazz

Situated in southeastern Louisiana, the City of New Orleans straddling the Mississippi River, is a city full of flare, flamboyance, zeal and zest towards life. It is a city of rich history, natural beauty and lively inhabitants.

After months of planning, preparation and travel related admonitions by my close friends, I had the pleasure of making a lovely visit to the Big Easy (one of the many names for New Orleans) last year. I was amazed to see how the city had coped up with the devastation brought about by the ruthless hurricane Katrina in the year 2006. Obviously I had seen the destruction on my tele but was really impressed to observe that the people had not abandoned their sprightly way of living despite the hard times they had to go through.


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I’ve always been fascinated by history and the lessons it teaches as this is what helps us grow and evolve with time. The American Civil War is one of my all time favorite topics and to see thousands of historical artefacts stacked up all in one place; i.e. The Museum of Confederacy, was a liberating experience. The museum paints a picture of the Civil War seen from the Southern Confederates’ perspective highlighting their motivation for war. Anyways, next I headed towards The National World War II Museum littered with war related anecdotes, photographs, audio and visual accounts. I got so much engrossed in the items on display and their associated stories that I forgot how much time had passed since I set foot in this mesmerizing haven of war history.

New Orleans has an eerie air about itself as ever since its inception, there have been legends and myths about vampires and ghosts. This is what, I feel, adds to the lure and attraction of the city. So, I decided to take a ghost tour of the town and it was absolutely fantastic. Garden District is an area in New Orleans which houses ancient mansions constructed following the French architectural designs. French Quarter is another area where predominantly French historical buildings are the highlights. I had to walk quite a lot in these areas, but it turned out to be a nice experience as the cobblestone streets seemed to possess the uncanny luring ability in them. I also was able to listen to some of the street musicians playing exquisite Jazz numbers in the place where Jazz actually originated.

My university pursuits forced me to come back shortly but I had the privilege of spending a few days of my life in a vibrant city which appreciates the delicacies offered by life and leaves no stone unturned to preserve them from any form of damage or even rust! History is what NOLA is all about!