How Expensive Is It to Winter in the Sun?

Is it expensive to winter in the sun? Well I can only speak as I have experienced life in Spain. It does depend on your expectations. Housing is still very low in price but is beginning to rise, apartments can still be found under 50k. Inland houses offer more land and are cheaper than on the coast. There are project dwellings available or habitable houses. Long-term winter rentals are available too.

Heating is obviously cheaper than in England. We have found the winter here to be quite mild and in fact haven’t put a fire on all winter, although some days a cardigan is appreciated. There have been some chilly days, but usually by lunchtime, it reaches 18-20 degrees. Evenings can be cool. We are told, it has been a mild winter here.

Food is probably a similar price as in England, but wine and beer are plentiful and inexpensive. You will be able to eat outside most days if you have a sheltered patio area. Many people eat out at the tapas bars and restaurants regularly. In some areas English products can be hard to find, and fresh milk isn’t always available, however fresh bread is very plentiful, with many local bakers making hand finished loaves.

Cars seem expensive but we have brought our car from England and my partner seems happy to drive it, although he has also driven left-hand drive hired cars. In winter the roads here are very quiet and the motor ways nearly void of traffic, joining all the local towns and villages in a network system; certainly in this area.

Entertainment, depending on your preferences, can be low-key and low-cost. Walking, cycling, days on the beach, café culture and local bars are high on the agenda. Sport is very popular, swimming, padel-tennis, squash etc.

We enjoy the peace and quiet of wintering in Spain, with its quiet beaches, and deserted countryside, in the summer it can get very crowded and up to 40 degrees, too warm for us. We return to England in the summer and have a large mobile home in the countryside to return to. If you are able to retain your property in England and let it out, you will have the security of returning if ever you wanted to, without finding yourself off the property ladder.

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