The Measles Virus and Your Child!

Just How Serious Can The Haze  Measles Be To My Child?

Here are some recent statistics you might want to take a look at. From 1984 to 1995 the fatality rate was 2 to every 1000 children affected with this terrible virus. This is a very dangerous disease that can cause one or more complications during it’s spread over the child’s body. Diarrhea is one of the most common signs your child has contacted the measles virus.

There was an outbreak of the measles virus in the United States in 1989-1991 that caused the deaths of 123 children. This epidemic attacked the bodies of the children under the age of five years old and left their parents grieving over the loss of their children. There was over 50 thousand cases of the measles virus reported during this time frame. Every city throughout the United States was reporting cases of the measles outbreak and encouraging every family to bring their children to their family doctors and get the measles vaccine.

One advantage your Child has against the Measles Virus!

One of the great advantages the parents have over this terrible disease is the distribution of the measles vaccine within the school system every year. If Immune Globulin (The Measles Vaccine) is given to your child 72 hours prior to the spread of this virus then these antibiotic will be able to fight off the measles virus and ensure the safety of your childs health during an outbreak. If your child experiences any of the above named symptoms then get your child to your family doctor immediately so you can get them vaccinated against this disease before it takes control over their bodies and spreads throughout your home and possibly your community.

I would like to invite you to visit my Blog and get more details on this disease and other health issues that may be of help to you in other disease control areas. With the doors open to other cultures entering the United States along with them entering is the disease some of them are bringing into our country. It’s no fault of their own because they haven’t been exposed to the health care that we enjoy here in the U.S. So we have to remain alert to our childrens health and have check ups when they are experiencing abnormal physical systems. For more information on this topic click here.


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