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Owning the Perth Mint’s Queen Elizabeth II Proof Set Is an Honor According to Collectors and U.S. Money Reserve

The gold market can be difficult to analyze because the supply and demand principle isn’t the only thing influencing the price of gold. People buy gold for several different reasons. According to Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, gold is still the best way to stay ahead of the ever-changing economic landscape. As a result, the price of gold fluctuates, but the interest in buying gold rarely does.

But not everyone can afford to buy gold bars or invest in a gold mine. Some people want their gold investment to be in a safe place they can access. Those people turn to Austin-based U.S. Money Reserve when they want to buy gold. U.S. Money Reserve is one of the leading distributors of government-issued precious metals coins. U.S. Money Reserve has thousands of clients all over the world. People do business with U.S. Money Reserve for several reasons and having a previous director of the U.S. Mint is one of those reasons.

Owning the Perth Mint’s Queen Elizabeth II Proof Set Is an Honor According to Collectors and U.S. Money Reserve 1

Philip Diehl is the president of Money Reserve. Diehl has a reputation for building confidence and giving people the insurance they need to rely on its knowledge and experience in the coin industry. He has a stellar reputation when it comes to an understanding the coin market. He’s the inspiration behind the successful 50-state quarter program. Phil introduced that program while he was the Mint’s director.

Mr. Diehl knows how mints around the world operate. He knows they like to mint-proof sets that commemorate special people, places, and events. Diehl knows collectors love to own commemorative proof sets, and U.S. Money Reserve offers clients new, collectible proof sets as soon as they are available.

In fact, U.S. Money Reserve is an exclusive distributor for some of the most collectible proof sets on the market today. For example, the Perth Mint’s Queen Elizabeth II coronation proof set is highly collectible because there are only 203 sets available. The three-coin set includes a two-ounce, 99.99 percent pure gold coin, a one-ounce 99.99 percent pure silver coin, and a quarter-ounce 99.99 percent pure gold coin. According to Mr. Diehl, the 2018 Perth Set coronation set complements the British 2016 and 2017 proof sets honoring the Queen’s 92nd birthday and her wedding to Prince Philip. Those proof sets are exclusively available through U.S. Money Reserve.

According to the mint, Richard Hayes, the Perth Mint, and U.S. Money Reserve have a long-standing relationship. Mr. Hayes thinks Money Reserve has all the ingredients to represent the mint, thanks to the team of Phil Diehl and CEO Angela Koch. As a result, U.S. Money Reserve is a cut above other distributors in the precious metal market, according to Mr. Hayes.

There is an element of raw beauty in every proof set, but the Perth Mint set is in a league of its own. Perth Mint designers went out of their way to produce an elegant as well as an eye-pleasing proof set that will withstand the test of time, according to Mr. Diehl.

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