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Features & Benefits of Getting a RBL Bank Credit Card

RBL Bank Credit Card

Obtaining an RBL Credit Card

Cardholders who apply for an RBL credit card receive various benefits, including lower EMIs, cash withdrawals, and access to loans against credit, among other things.

  1. Customers are invited to visit the Finserv MARKETS portal to apply for the same.
  2. They must then indicate whether they are a salaried employee or a business owner on the form.
  3. They will receive an OTP after providing their mobile number, which will confirm the number as part of the verification procedure.
  4. They can check their offer and begin the application procedure in its full form after filling up their date of birth.

Checking the Status of an RBL Credit Card Application

  • After a customer submits their application, they may have to wait a certain amount of time to be approved. Customers can track their RBL credit card application status using an application status portal, making this time period easier to bear.
  • Customers can use their RBL credit card reference number or their registered mobile number to do so.
  • In the first situation, they must go to the official RBL Bank website and select the option to “monitor your application status online.” After that, customers must input their RBL credit card reference number, including the #, as well as their registration number, and then click ‘submit.’
  • Customers can monitor the progress of their applications after that or even reach out to the RBL Credit Card Customer Care.

RBL Credit Card Bill Payment Methods

RBL Credit Card Payments can be made both online and offline with the help of a credit card. Cardholders who obtain a credit card can use borrowed funds to make payments to merchants. Cardholders must repay the borrowed funds, plus any applicable interest and other agreed-upon charges, in whole or in installments by the billing date, whichever comes first.

RBL Bank credit card cardholders can make payments through a variety of portals, which are listed below.

The following online payment channels are accepted:

  • NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer)
  • IMPS
  • Internet banking
  • BillDesk
  • Banking on the go
  • Card de debit
  • UPI
  • NACH

Payments done over the counter and through an ATM are examples of offline payment portals.

Wrapping Up

Getting a credit card has never been easier, and it comes with a slew of perks, including EMI payment options. Finserv MARKETS is an excellent place to look into the various possibilities accessible right now.

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