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Nokia N96i and Nokia N98 – Beauty and Brilliance from Nokia

Nokia is known for its range Planet reporter of compact and sleek mobile phones. The company has recently launched some handsets into the mobile phone markets that have wide public acclaim the world over. Most of its current devices do not weigh more than 120 gm. Nokia’s high-end smartphones have become a status symbol for many. One may find individuals around her or him who are die-hard Nokia fans.

Some individuals always buy the latest model of a Nokia handset as soon as it is launched into the markets by the company. All of Nokia’s N series mobile phones come equipped with a camera and a built-in web browser. They also feature a high-resolution display. Most of them sport a touch-sensitive TFT display with an intelligent T9 text input application. Some handsets have a full QWERTY keyboard with well-spaced keys.

Nokia N96i and Nokia N98 - Beauty and Brilliance from Nokia 1

Nokia’s most N Series handsets have user-friendly ergonomics and sleek looks. Many of them feature a slide opening mechanism. Their built-in web browser shows internet pages in their true formats Page Design Hub. The Nokia N96i concept phone is believed to be equipped with a 5.5-megapixel camera that also supports optical and digital zooms. The handset reportedly sports a 2.4 inches TFT display that shows good quality images in 262K colors. The handset’s Bluetooth support will allow the users to download files and transfer data to and from the phone at a much faster rate with other Bluetooth-compatible devices. Its music player supports MP3, MP4, and other popular music file formats.

The N96i is reported to be having 4 GB of built-in memory that could also be expanded by using a microSD memory card in case of a memory shortage. The handset will soon be available in markets around the world. The device will come packaged with a wall charger, a battery, and a USB cable. On the other hand, Nokia N98 is a smartphone that is expected to be loaded with many useful multi-media features.

The handset reportedly features a 7-megapixel camera which is equipped with a Carl Zeiss lens. It reportedly has x5 optical zoom and x20 digital zoom. The device is said to feature a 3.5 inches, 16 M colors VGA touchscreen display. It would be running on a Symbian S70 (3rd Edition) operating system. The handset is reported to have support for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and HSDPA connectivity. In addition, it is reported to be equipped with a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver and a Graphics Accelerator.

The N98 would come packaged with an international battery charger, a Bluetooth headset, and a reference manual. It would initially be sold in back color. Nokia may also launch some more variants of the device in other colors in due course of time. Both N95 and N98 have been developed keeping in mind the requirements of fashion-conscious and high-profile individuals. These two smartphones promise a never-before mobile telephony experience to the users. Like the other N series handsets, these two handsets will be compact and lightweight. The handsets will soon be available in the UK markets with a Nokia warranty. The company is known to offer excellent after-sales service to its users.

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Both Nokia N96i and Nokia N98 mobile phones have not yet officially been released by Nokia Corporation. However, some cloned models of these two handsets are being sold in Chinese and other world markets. Nokia says that the two handsets will soon be available for sale in the markets the world over.  One can also acquire these handsets under various mobile phone deals that retailers announce in the UK from time to time. These Nokia N series handsets are sure to appeal to a fashion-conscious user as they have a sleek and smooth look.

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