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Mobile device ban for pedestrians up for final vote at city council

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DHS Says New Security Is Needed for Mobile Devices and Networks

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Peak Performance in Sports

In the sports arena, peak performance in sports has always been a much sought after state by players and coaches of all levels. Whether...

Nokia N95 – Mobile Phone Technology with Serious Style

Nokia  is the market leader in the mobile phone industry and although they have been challenged for the top spot on several occasions have...

Nigerian blogger still in prison despite bail

Blogging – A Way to Express Yourself


I was a blogger for 2 years now and I have fallen in love with blogging ever when you consider that then. The pleasant factor about this is that you could specific yourself and percentage your evaluations concerning something as often as you want. There isn’t any strict time duration of while and how frequently you must replace your own internet site. You write on your very own blog or website daily, weekly or maybe, month-to-month, if you want to. It gives you a sense of freedom and freedom to decide your path of the journey with your very own internet site.

Journey of Blogging Since the Invention of the First Blog blogger sign in

It has come a protracted way for the reason that the first blog was commenced and it has emerged from being a personal weblog to many styles of blogs now. Initially, running a blog was related to writing approximately a person’s lifestyles as a weblog or website log. It became a platform for sharing a private point of views that become to be had to only a few humans earlier however now everybody can make their personal internet site. It becomes just a manner thru human beings shared the tale of their life. Gradually, it shaped up into a variety of blogs, fashion, lifestyle, splendor, finance and nature blogs to name a few.


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Blogging as a Hobby or as a Career create your own blog

When you, in the end, determine that you want to have your very own website, you will additionally decide whether or not it’s far an interest or a profession for you. As an interest, it gives you an extra feeling of independence to choose as in step with you want. As a profession, it’s far altogether a different factor from an interest, for making a career out of your personal website is a bit complex than just in reality running a blog as a hobby. There are some things required to name a career as a career. A profession ought to assist you in making a living, paying your bills and allow yourself to buy a residence. If your purpose is to make a career from it then you may replace your internet site greater often and with planning each and each issue related to it. You will undergo the technical aspects of your internet site too aside from updating it blog log in.

In Prison, But Not Imprisoned


The guy is a “truism” creature. It is commonly customary that he is made up of the frame, soul, and spirit. The body is the bodily issue of all people that can be seen and touched. It includes all of the parts of the body together with the six senses. The frame can be tortured, chained and imprisoned. A man’s frame may be confined to a place and restrained from transferring.

The soul of a person is intangible and unseen. On the soul seats the moral sense, intellect, and many others. The soul links the frame to the spirit. Therefore, without the soul, no guy can interact with his spirit. The soul is the mixture of each the mental and the spiritual. The soul gets from the spirit and transmits to the frame. The soul cannot be imprisoned. A man can sit down in a prison cellular but his thoughts are probably nicely seated inside the within the presidential palace. The mind, the reasoning, the creativeness and so on., of a man, cannot be constrained by means of the bars of the prison.

The spirit of every man gets from the author and transmits to the soul and the soul instructs the frame to act on the records acquired. The spirit is the existence of each guy, without the spirit the man is dead. The affliction of the body would possibly affect the soul if the soul allows however it cannot affect the spirit. The spirit also referred because the Sixth Sense by means of Napoleon Hills is the portion of the subconscious thoughts which has been called the creative creativeness. It has additionally been referred to as the receiving set thru which thoughts, plans, and mind flash into the mind. The flashes are sometimes referred to as hunches or suggestion. The spirit can never be chained. He is indestructible because it belongs to the author federal prison errors.

When those ideas and notion in forms of thought or hunches flash the mind from the spirit, the thoughts begin to expand and create a product through creativeness. Gradually the thoughts assemble all the elements of this new introduction thru the strength of imagination. The receiver has the option of turning this unreal product to the fact by using transmitting the concept from the mind to the frame or let them slip. The body is the writer of tangible matters. Great inspirations or imaginations are useless if it is not transferred to the body to cause them to bodily. The society will handiest gain out of your excellent ideas while they could get admission to them because it recognized that no guy can get admission to the thoughts of every other.

Everyone makes the most of existence isn’t always a product or advent of the frame, but a result of men placing their minds and spirits to work. According to L. Frank Baum, “imagination has given us the steam engine, the phone, the speaking machine and car for this stuff needed to be dreamed of before they have become realities”. Therefore, even if your frame is locked, your mind and spirit are unfastened and intact, subsequently, you could nevertheless do exploits even in that jail. What you want to be successful isn’t your frame, however, your spirit and soul. The nice type of freedom is not bodily, however mental and spiritual freedom. Every nonsecular and intellectual unfastened man has the potential to grow to be successful anywhere. A lunatic can by no means be productive due to the fact he is in a mental jail. The dead turns into physically and mentally inactive due to the fact the spirit has been disconnected from the frame and soul. But the sector has produced outstanding prisoners and ex-convicts that shook the world from its roots definitely.

Even whilst the iron bars of the jail stop you from the usage of your body, do not allow them to deter you from the usage of your mind and spirit. You may be the following celebrated prisoner or ex-convict by means of simply putting your coronary heart to work. The frame has admired for the jail circumstance, but your thoughts are hardly ever touched without your permission and the spirit can by no means be intimidated by the prison circumstance. They can afflict your body, however, do now not let them contact your soul or spirit. Prison conditions can damage your frame, however, you must guard your soul and spirit. According to Nelson Mandela, “the human body has a sizable capacity for adjusting to attempting instances. I actually have determined that you can endure the insufferable if you will preserve one’s spirits sturdy even when one’s body is being examined. Strong convictions are the secret of surviving deprivation; your spirit can be complete even if your stomach is empty bail in india”.

Life inside the flesh may be difficult and frustrating, but residing inside the thoughts and spirit is self-controlled. Therefore, you possibly can determine how he lives whilst lifestyles are lived within the soul and spirit. When life in the physical will become tormenting and hard, transfer to the “soulish” or religious existence and in no time your frame might be taught a way to ensure lifestyles’ afflictions. Destroy my body, torment or incarcerate it, but my soul will discover ways to stay without the frame. Peradventure if my mind is touched, my spirit will heal them each.

Some critics like Jimmy Hoffa will say that the author is insane. Let’s study his quote; “I can let you know this on a stack of Bibles: Prisons are archaic, brutal, regenerative, overcrowded hellholes wherein inmates are dealt with like animals with genuinely, not one human idea was given to what they may be going to do once they’re released”. I understand that a few prisoners are living and dealt with like animals in cages. And maximum prisoners or ex-convicts will argue that the mind cannot be maximized inside the prison thinking about its harsh and inhuman situations. Let’s keep in mind a quote from John Lubbock, an ex-convict: “The whole value of solitude relies upon on upon one’s self, it could be a sanctuary or a jail, a haven of repose or an area of punishment, a heaven or a hell, as we ourselves make it”.

Bail Jumping for Beginners in Washington State



In Washington State, someone commits the crime of “Bail Jumping” if he or she has been released on their non-public recognizance, or on bail, and released with the information they’re required to go back to court docket for a subsequent hearing. Revised Code of Washington 9A.76.A hundred and seventy(1). A character is likewise responsible for bail leaping in the event that they have information about the requirement to report to a correctional facility to serve a sentence and fail to achieve this. Id. In layman’s terms, in case you are charged with a criminal offense and do not show as much as court docket whilst you understand you’re imagined to, or in case you do not document to jail (or jail) to serve your sentence whilst you realize you are imagined to, you’re responsible for the crime of bail jumping.

The crime of bail jumping can be a prison or a misdemeanor. The elegance, or level, of the bail jumping charge, relies upon on the offense you are firstly charged with and fail to appear for. Bail jumping is:


Is there any protection to bail jumping? Yes. There is an affirmative defense. An affirmative defense manner you admit which you committed the act, but it turned into legally justified. The protection is laid out inside the bail leaping statute. It states:

It is an affirmative protection to a prosecution beneath this segment
That uncontrollable situation prevented the man or woman from appearing or surrendering, and that the person did now not contribute with the advent of such situations in reckless disregard of the requirement to seem or surrender, and that the person appeared or surrendered as soon as such situations ceased to exist.

Revised Code of Washington blogger 9A.Seventy-six.One hundred seventy prison bail(2).

The question is: What is considered “uncontrollable situations”? Uncontrollable situations suggest you have no manage over the circumstances that prompted you to overlook courtroom. An act of God may also qualify. For example, in case you omit court docket because of a tornado selections up your car (otherwise you) and smashes it (otherwise you) to the ground, then you could have a quite exact protection that you neglected your desired courtroom date based on uncontrollable instances. If you are inside the health facility, which could qualify if you may get a word from your health practitioner that you were hospitalized and had been physically unable to go to a courtroom. Be careful, but, in case you were within the sanatorium because of something you did, the prosecutor might also argue which you “contributed to the advent of such occasions”. If you’re kidnapped and being held hostage, that can also qualify as a protection. Whatever the uncontrollable condition that continues you from making your court date, just make certain that as quickly as you’re able, you get yourself on the court calendar so that you observe the requirement of performing or surrendering as soon as your uncontrollable circumstance, ceases to exist.

There may be other defenses that would fall under the category “burden of proof”. That approach the prosecuting authority sincerely does no longer have enough proof to show every element of the rate past an affordable doubt. For example, they may not have any file that you had been given the note of the desired court docket date and consequently, could not show the element of information.

Generally speaking, however, proving a fee of bail jumping is incredibly easy for the prosecutors. All they need is 1) an authorized copy of the promise to seem to court docket on the specific day that was signed by the defendant after they acquired the courtroom date, and 2) a witness, which includes a courtroom clerk who can testify that at the date the defendant changed into required to appear, the court file shows her or he did not seem.

A reproduction of the promise to appear signed via the defendant suggests knowledge of the requirement to seem. In the county in which I practice, the language in the order putting the next mandatory court date states:

The Defendant is ordered to seem in any respect Fit for Trial Hearings [a pretrial or status hearing]… The Defendant’s failure to appear at Trial or at the Fit for Trial or any other hearings set by way of the Court may bring about the issuance of a Bench Warrant, Forfeiture of Bail and/or crook prosecution for Bail Jumping pursuant to Revised Code of Washington 9A.Seventy six.170.

A bail leaping fee can be very hard to guard towards. Simply forgetting your court date isn’t a defense. Division Two of the Washington State Court of Appeals held that based on an undeniable reading of the statute, “I forgot” is not a protection. The prosecution handiest has to prove that he acquired the understanding of the court date, not that he had the know-how of the date normal thereafter.

For the defense legal professional, they should research the law and the data inside the case. They should determine whether the listening to turned into one for which the defendant became without a doubt required to seem. There are exceptional sorts of hearings and not all require mandatory appearances. They need to research and determine if the defendant sincerely had the know-how of the requirement to seem at the hearing and if so, if there may be any actual proof to prove it. Is there a stay witness like a clerk with a purpose to be known as by using the prosecution? Is there an authorized copy of a signed promise to appear? Finally, they should look into the reason for the failure to appear and determine if it turned into an “uncontrollable situation”.


As stated above, bail jumping is a misdemeanor if the defendant “turned into held for, charged with, or convicted of a gross misdemeanor or misdemeanor.” Revised Code of Washington 9A.Seventy-six.One hundred seventy(3)(d). The most penalty for a misdemeanor is 90 days in prison and a $1000 best. In those cases, the sentencing decision has the authority to sentence the bail jumper anywhere from zero to 90 days in jail and as much as a $1000 best. In addition, the defendant may be placed on probation and be required to pay probation fees.

If the bail leap offense falls into one of the prison instructions, it will become a little more complex. In Washington, the sentencing scheme basically works on a grid device. The vertical edge of the grid is the “seriousness stage”. The horizontal side is the “culprit score”. There are sixteen levels of seriousness in the Washington system. Level 16 has only one offense: Aggravated First Degree Murder. The simplest two penalties for that offense are Life in Prison Without the Possibility of Parole and the Death Penalty, no matter your wrongdoer score. The lowest seriousness level is One. That degree consists of crimes along with Second Degree Theft (robbery of assets valued between $750 and $5000) and Forgery. The wrongdoer score consists of qualifying prior legal convictions. When you determine the seriousness stage of the offense and the perpetrator score, you’ll locate the “preferred range” sentence the court must impose. There are exceptions to enforcing a sentence within the fashionable range but that is a discussion for every other day. Generally, the courtroom has to impose a sentence within the well-known range. If that happens, nobody might also appeal that sentence. If the court docket imposes a “first rate” sentence outside the standard range, both birthday celebration may also enchantment.

Bail Jumping on a price of First Degree Murder has a seriousness degree of six. With a wrongdoer score of 0 (zero), the usual range sentence is one year plus at some point (which means that jail) to fourteen months. The offender rating only is going to 9 on the sentencing grid. Anything higher than nine will fall into the usual variety for a culprit score of 9. The well-known variety of Bail Jumping with First Degree Murder with a culprit score of 9 is 77 to 102 months in prison.

Bail Jumping on a unique charge of a Class A felony has a seriousness level of Five. The widespread sentencing variety begins with 6 to twelve to your local county prison. For a culprit rating of nine-plus, the range is 72 to 96 months in prison.

Finally, Bail Jumping on a Class B or C prison has a seriousness degree of Three. With a wrongdoer score of zero, the range is one to 3 months in jail. The range for a perpetrator rating of 9-plus is fifty-one to 60 months. Sixty months, or five years, is the most sentence.

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Mobile device ban for pedestrians up for final vote at city council

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