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Nigerian blogger still in prison despite bail

Blogging – A Way to Express Yourself

I have been a blogger for 2 years now, and I have fallen in love with blogging ever when you consider that. The pleasant factor about this is that you could specific yourself and percentage your evaluations concerning something as often as you want. There isn’t any strict time duration of while and how frequently you must replace your own internet site. You write on your very own blog or website daily, weekly, or maybe, month-to-month if you want to. It gives you a sense of freedom and freedom to decide your journey with your own internet site.


Journey of Blogging Since the Invention of the First Blog blogger sign in

It has come a protracted way because the first blog was commenced, and it has emerged from being a personal weblog to many styles of blogs now. Initially, running a blog was related to writing approximately a person’s lifestyle as a weblog or website log. It became a platform for sharing a private point of view that become to be had to only a few humans earlier; however, now everybody can make their personal internet site. It becomes just a manner thru human beings shared the tale of their life. Gradually, it shaped up into various blogs, fashion, lifestyle, splendor, finance, and nature blogs, to name a few.

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Blogging as a Hobby or as a Career, create your own blog

When you, in the end, determine that you want to have your very own website, you will additionally decide whether or not it’s far an interest or a profession for you. As an interest, it gives you an extra feeling of independence to choose as in step with you want. As a profession, it’s far altogether a different factor from an interest, for making a career out of your personal website is a bit complex than just in reality running a blog as a hobby. There are some things required to name a career as a career. A profession ought to assist you in making a living, paying your bills, and allow yourself to buy a residence. If your purpose is to make a career from it, you may replace your internet site more often and plan each and each issue related to it. You will undergo the technical aspects of your internet site, too, aside from updating its blog log in.

In Prison, But Not Imprisoned


The guy is a “truism” creature. It is commonly customary that he is made up of the frame, soul, and spirit. The body is the bodily issue of all people that can be seen and touched. It includes all of the parts of the body together with the six senses. The frame can be tortured, chained, and imprisoned. A man’s frame may be confined to a place and restrained from transferring. The soul of a person is intangible and unseen. On the soul seats the moral sense, intellect, and many others. The soul links the frame to the spirit.

Therefore, without the soul, no guy can interact with his spirit. The soul is a mixture of each mental and the spiritual. The soul gets from the spirit and transmits to the frame. The soul cannot be imprisoned. A man can sit down in a prison cellular, but his thoughts are probably nicely seated inside the presidential palace. The mind, the reasoning, the creativeness, and so on. of a man cannot be constrained using the prison bars.

The spirit of every man gets from the author and transmits to the soul, and the soul instructs the frame to act on the records acquired. The spirit is the existence of each guy; without the spirit, the man is dead. The affliction of the body will possibly affect the soul if the soul allows; however it cannot affect the spirit.

The spirit is also referred because the Sixth Sense using Napoleon Hills is the subconscious thoughts called creative creativeness. It has additionally been referred to as the receiving set thru which thoughts, plans, and mind flash into the mind. The flashes are sometimes referred to as hunches or suggestions. The spirit can never be chained. He is indestructible because it belongs to the author’s federal prison errors.

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