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If I Am Not Beautiful How I Can Feel I Am Beautiful

Being beautiful or not beautiful is a very subjective issue. Think of that concept the same as garage sales; somebody junks are somebody else treasures. Being beautiful or not is also subjected to culture, environment, and the social acceptance where you were born. When I was growing up in Vietnam, I was told by my grandmother that I was ugly more than once. Her statement was because I looked more like a boy with concise hair, dark skin, and I was very rebellious for a normal young Vietnamese girl. Also, in Vietnam, the more you look like the westerners, the more beautiful you are. It was a social condition.

If I Am Not Beautiful How I Can Feel I Am Beautiful 1

When I first came to the United States more than 30 years ago, I was followed everywhere by American boys. They told me I looked so exotic, and because I was so natural, it added more points to my charm. Once shunned by my grandmother, the dark skin is a ‘must’ have olive skin of the West. So all of a sudden, I was called a beautiful woman. The concept was not readily accepted and believe by me for more than a decade, but eventually, it did sink in. But even the thought of not being beautiful did not close any doors that were supposed to be open for me in any way because inside, I know that I am an exceptional individual.

So to feel that you are beautiful, you need to redefine your definitions of beauty. Ask yourself if you have the kind of beauty that you dream of, what difference, if any, brings to your life? When you sit down and write up all of the benefits you think being beautiful will bring to your life, you may begin to realize that perhaps you can get all the same things and still be who you are right now. If the things that make you feel not beautiful are some physical shortcomings, you can raise the money and fix them. Make sure that your idea of beauty is realistic.

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Beauty comes in so many shapes and sizes. A rose is beautiful to someone, and a lily is beautiful to someone else. The trick is to find those that appreciate you and hang out with them more often. Don’t strike to belong to groups of people that look down on you or making you feel ugly so that they can feel beautiful. An ugly woman can be beautiful if she “thinks” she is beautiful, and likewise, a beautiful woman can be ugly if she doesn’t believe it.

So it also helps if you decide to be beautiful. Telling yourself that you’re beautiful will not do much if you seriously believe that you’re ugly. It would help if you learned to redefine your definitions of beautiful, as I said above. There are so many beauty products in America that can enhance your attractiveness with not much money out of your pocket. Browse the cosmetic counters and ask them to give you beauty lessons.

Make sure you get a list of products they used on your face. Do not be shy. They are there to serve you. You don’t have to buy anything and, in fact, learn to say no to their suggestions. Ask more than one cosmetician to teach you. Please choose the most flattering one and then invest money to buy the same things they use for your face after you have tried several. Good luck with your quest to become one of the most beautiful women in the whole cosmos. Beautiful women website []. Here you will find tips on your skincare; eyes care as well as your beautiful soul inside.

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