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Great Gatsby Setting As a Prequel to the Great Depression

F.Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby may be considered as a sort of prequel to the Great Depression. Its story of social mountaineering Midwesterners, illicit cash-making activities, lavish events, and financial class differences makes the unconventional appear vital to look at the wealth and extra that largely described the Twenties earlier than the infamous inventory marketplace crash. For the most element, Fitzgerald’s novel is taught to high schoolers in conjunction or as an introduction to the Twenties and the eventual Great Depression, America’s biggest economic catastrophe and likely AP Macroeconomics subject matter of discussion.


The individual Jay Gatsby can be seen as a foreshadowed symbol of the excess that characterized pre-Depression times. Yet, by the point we meet the identify person Gatsby-the bootlegging Gatz who builds an unlawful bootlegging empire arguably in the attempt to win lower back his proper love, the excessive class but married Daisy-he has already been lifeless for a while.

The narrator Nick Carraway’s motive in telling this tale is basically to admonish excessive society for its cold cruelty and to ponder the downsides of the mythical American Dream-all advised thru an autopsy of the final weeks main as much as Gatsby’s death. Together with his unbridled affluence and strive for social ascension, Gatsby has to turn out to be our tragic hero of the Nineteen Twenties boom and the eventual bust.

We can see this concept in Fitzgerald’s essential production of the Great Gatsby setting. Set inside the rich “West Egg” and “East Egg”-respectively, it really is Long Island and New York City to you-we as readers emerge in a social setting characterized as wealthy, knowledgeable, and socially extraordinary, and restrictive.

The characters do not dare to partner with others, taken into consideration to be under them socially, especially in geographical locations. In fact, social fame is the entirety, and that fame is normally tied to 1’s monetary well worth. But even then, one’s social popularity-such as the case for Gatsby-isn’t always as held in a whole lot of high regard if it’s simply money and lavish parties you’ve got. Despite his large bucks, Gatsby lives in the less prestigious West Egg, implying he has no longer absolutely ascended to the level of his love Daisy.

A distance symbolically and geographically represented inside the span water among their respective houses. The novel is obsessed with such rigid magnificence distinctions and the lack of ability for most people to reach a degree of equality with better elegance, making Twenties America almost like feudal Europe. No depend on how many colored shirts, champagne-fueled parties or fancy-schmancy, people-killing motors he had.

He could never be an equal worth of Daisy in her eyes, even with his extra. His death is also, in large part, symbolic. The wealthy Gatsby ends up murdered by a blue-collar auto mechanic simultaneously as kicking again at his private pool. This event interpreted put up-Depression, advise an equalization of classes.

In reality, the reputation quo represented in this novel turned effectively up-ended with the onslaught of the Great Depression. Of route, reading The Great Gatsby nowadays with the hindsight and know-how that 4 years after its booklet, the world’s economies might implode, without doubt, colors readers’ interpretations. Yet, if Fitzgerald has been an economist, possibly The Great Depression may also have in no way took place.

He seemed to recognize what type of smash the extravagance typified by using Gatsby changed into the heading. Therefore, the Great Gatsby turns into this ominous e-book with impeccable foresight that not best criticizes the stratified society pre-Depression, however in its personal way, it additionally argues for the sort of equality or equal repute that the Depression subsequently brings, but destructively.

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