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How to Share Files, Apps, Contacts and More Between Windows Phone 8 Devices

Windows Phone Development is a new technology platform in the market compared to the other well-known mobile development verticals. During its short tenure, it has emerged as a valuable vertical and, as of now, is projecting itself as a capable competitor to the existing rivals, of the likes of Android and iOS.

This article takes a dig at the most feasible reasons leading to the widespread popularity, followed by the mention of prominent apps from various Windows Phone categories that fare way better than their counterparts.

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Probable Reason behind Windows Phone development

A bulk of the credit to the popularity of this mobile development domain goes to the extension of the Windows Phone 8 OS to multiple devices, such as HTC, Nokia Lumia, and Huawei, which has also worked actively in motivating the professionals to develop exclusive Windows Phone apps. Yet another prominent factor in this regard is Voice command, the latest feature added in the Windows Phone family.


This feature helps users to operate the phone and apps using voice commands. They can call, make Bing search queries, send messages and much more by merely speaking instead of typing. As obvious, it acts as a significant booster in glorifying the Windows Phone app development industry.

Prominent Windows Phone app Categories

Entertainment: The Windows App store is home to several entertainment apps related to movies, ringtones, HD Wallpapers, painting, etc. Flixster is a widely popular application in this context, perhaps the best one to enjoy movie trailers, get information about showtimes, and read out film reviews by critics.

The newly introduced features of the free App also let users set movie posters as lock screens. The voice command facility is a further plus that lets the users search for information about their movies by merely speaking to the phone while the app is up and running.

Lifestyle: This is the section everyone looks forward to. Open arms always greet sophisticated mobile applications that could help you maintain an exquisite lifestyle; Magic Mirror is one such noteworthy app. As the name suggests, it lets you experiment your looks with a host of fresh and fascinating color variations, hairstyles and more.

You may often use it for fun or for checking out various options to choose an enticing one finally for a party. It is available at a nominal cost, engages less space, works on Windows 7.5 and 8. and leaves the users with maximum exhilaration.

Travel: The travel industry is wide and rich, and so are its apps. You can have robust tools that provide detailed info on tourism; on the other hand, some may also fetch valuable details regarding flight, metro train or bus ticket availability, stations, stops, etc. Delhi Metro App from Finoit labs is a decent Windows Phone to fit the bill.

It provides all the tidbits that one can gain about India’s first kind of modern public transportation system. Users can seek its help to know about tourist places, restaurants, hotels, metro train timings, fare, smart card info, and so on.

It works perfectly offline and is free of cost. Finoit is a mobile app development company in India with a team of skilled and experience Windows Phone developers who develop quality mobile apps for many platforms that suit business needs.

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