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How to Compare Low Cost Automobile Insurance in Alabama

Everyone who drives a vehicle on any public street or road in Alabama must have automobile insurance. That means a lot of people want to compare low-cost automobile insurance in Alabama to get the best deal possible – and the purpose of this article is to give you some ideas for things you can do or include on an insurance application that will help you to get the lowest rate possible for the insurance you need.

How to Compare Low Cost Automobile Insurance in Alabama 1

The type of car you drive will affect how much you pay for insurance; if you’re in the market for a car, you need to be aware that some cars cost a lot more to insure than others. If you’re serious about saving money on your automobile insurance, then it may pay you to get a list of the least-costly-vehicles-to-insure from your agent before you set your heart on any one particular make and model.

The way your drive can affect how much you pay for insurance more than any other single factor. For example, if you speed or get any type of moving violation, you will pay more for your automobile insurance. Period. And if you are convicted of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or if you are convicted of Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), then your automobile insurance rates will fly through the roof and remain there for a minimum of 3 years.

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Can you put your car in a garage at night? If so, let your agent know, as this could save you money every month. If you are insuring more than one vehicle, make sure you insure all of them with the same company, so you get a Multi-Policy Discount on each one. Don’t make small, inconsequential claims if you can go for even 6 months without making a claim; some companies give you a discount. Other companies require you to be claim-free for 1 year and still others 3 years, but the point is, you can get a discount if you don’t make small claims.

Keep your credit record clean. Believe it or not, the better your credit score, the less you’re going to pay for your automobile insurance. If you’re 25 or under, stay on your parents’ policy if they allow it – but in any event, stay in school and maintain at least a “B” average. Doing that will earn you a fat 5% Good Student Discount on your automobile insurance every single month. Drivers who have reached their 55th birthday may be able to save as much as 10% per month on their insurance by taking – and passing – a special driver’s course that many companies now offer. Talk to your agent to see if you qualify for this discount.

Don’t keep paying for collision and comprehensive insurance on cars so old they no longer have any Kelly Blue Book value. If your vehicle no longer has any value, your insurance company will not pay off on your collision or comprehensive even if you keep paying the premiums. Save your money. Many people are now using public transportation whenever possible and only using their cars for emergencies and special occasions. If you can cut your monthly driving to 500 miles or less, then you could be in for a rather substantial Low Mileage Discount on your automobile insurance.

Your deductible is probably the fastest and easiest way to lower your monthly payments, but keep in mind that while raising your deductible does result in a lower monthly premium payment on your automobile insurance, a higher deductible also means that you have to come up with more cash out of your own pocket or purse anytime you have a claim—so doesn’t promise to pay more than you can actually afford.

Now use the information in this article to go online and fill out applications on at least 3 different websites that allow you to make direct comparisons of prices for insurance from different companies. Be sure to enter the same information onto the form on all three websites. Now simply choose the lowest price, and you’re done! You’ve done your homework, you’ve compared low-cost automobile insurance in Alabama, and you’ve found the best price you can get. So restt easy now, knowing that you are saving money on your automobile insurance month after month!

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