How Automobile Sales People Become Successful

Just how do automobile sales people become successful? In three words, “They choose to!” Nothing fancy about that. Just plain and simple – Successful Automobile Sales People Choose to be Successful.

In any vocation, the most successful people have determined that they would be successful. Automobile sales is no different. Professional car salespeople, the men and women who have purposely selected selling automobiles as a career, determined to excel not by chance but on purpose.

Determination and a resolve to succeed are the foundation of sales success. Top automobile sales commission earners are passionate, creative, majestic, disciplined. Yes, professional automobile salespeople follow a process, a success system that works for them.

Automobile sales professionals focus on the prospect, the person or couple in front of them. They exemplify the “And Then Some Principle”. And, most importantly, they exemplify the following five character traits:

1. They do not give up,
2. They understand objections are another way a prospect says “I’m interested”
3. They seek opportunities to promote their product, car store, themselves
4. They see their sales career as their business
5. They manage their career as a business

Tom Hopkins wrote, “Selling is the easiest hard work and the hardest easy work there is.” Where many automobile salespeople fail is recognizing that they are in business for themselves. Some car salespeople receive a small salary. But it is not enough to live off of. It is the commission for the automobile sales that really pays the bills, that really provides the lifestyle.


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As a car salesperson you could stand at the door, on-the-lot, or in the center of the showroom for hours without actually speaking to a genuine prospect. In fact, that’s how the less successful automobile salespeople spend their day – wasting hours away in a huddle with two or three other guys really not talking about much of anything.

However, the sales champions, the high income earners are working through their prospect list, following up with sold customers, networking for referrals. In other words, the sales champions are doing the things that the guys and gals in the huddle don’t.

What makes them successful? Three words – “They Choose Success!”

Remember, Nothing Happens Until Someone Sells Something


The author, Jeffrey Doucet, is an in-the-trenches sales coach and mentor. Creator of, Jeffrey’s goal is to provide easily accessible Automobile Sales Training and selling success techniques. As a Sales Mentor and Sales Management Coach, Jeffrey Doucet is known for the effectiveness of his sales lead and sales prospecting techniques. His bull dog energy is a trade mark of his Sales Follow-Up Success System. Additionally, Jeffrey is a pioneer in video email applications for client retention and marketing. Jeffrey is a sought after keynote speaker and workshop leader.