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Finding Printer Drivers For Outdated Operating Systems

Gadget geeks, especially those who love to get their hands on the latest hardware and software out there as soon as they can, would have raced to get Windows Vista installed on their computers. If they are Mac users, they would have gotten the Mac OS X Leopard as soon as it got out.

This behavior, however, definitely does not apply to everyone, and there are even some people out there who are clinging stubbornly to their old operating systems, such as Windows XP, Windows ME, or even Windows 98 and 95. And what is not to love about these old operating systems? They are still stable and very much functional. Besides, there is a saying that if it is not broken, it should not be fixed.

Finding Printer Drivers For Outdated Operating Systems 1

Sticking to an old operating system, however, does have its disadvantages. Finding printer drivers that will work on the old operating system is just one of them. Like all companies involved in manufacturing parts and equipment for computers, companies that design and produce printers have to keep up with the latest operating systems.

This time, it is Windows Vista and Mac OS X Leopard. Therefore, they have to churn out printer drivers that will work on these new operating systems. This, however, puts users of old operating systems in a bind. A computer cannot read a printer without the proper printer driver that will work on its operating system. When this happens, the computer owner will have to scour all the possible places online and offline to find them.

The best source of the printer driver is the printer’s original installation disk. Some owners, however, tend to misplace old disks once the printer has been installed into the computer for the first time. Because the printer manufacturer has already ceased support for the old operating systems, it would be a miracle to find the appropriate printer drivers on its website.

And then there is the Microsoft website, or the Apple website, for those who use the Mac operating systems. These websites may have the appropriate printer drivers still available in their pages for downloads, so any user of an old operating system may search these pages for the printer driver that he or she needs.

When all of the above methods described above fail, there is no other resort but to open a search engine, such as Google or Yahoo, and search for any resource website with the printer driver stored within its pages and available for download. There is a caveat in doing this, however. The top websites for downloads, such as CNet’s and PC World’s website, guarantee that the files available for download on their servers are safe. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of other sources for printer drivers. Be careful – it may contain a virus or adware.

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John C. Arkin writes this Article from, the contributor of PrintCountry Printer Drivers. More information on the subject is at, and related resources can be found at Hp Ink Cartridges.

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