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Facts About Resumes

In a market where more people are searching for work, your resume becomes a vital tool in your efforts to find employment. Hiring someone who understands how recruiters sort through the many resumes they receive for job openings can be a major step toward landing an interview. The following facts will help you evaluate whether you should hire or attempt to prepare your own resume.

You Only Have 30 Seconds.

That’s how long the average recruiter spends scanning each resume. If your resume isn’t recognized almost instantly as relevant to the job, it will be tossed.

The Most Important Information Must Be at The Top.

What is the most important information? What you have to offer, what your skills are. In some resumes, education will benefit you if it is near the top. In others, education is best at the bottom. It all depends on your unique skill set. You want to present information in a way that gets the message through that you are qualified for the job.


Most Free Templates Don’t Stand Out.

If your resume is generated using a template, it will look like it. While some of the   Monster templates actually look quite good, they start looking generic after thousands of people have used them. You or the person who prepares your resume may find a template a useful starting place, but you should take the time to tweak it, so it looks different.

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You’ll also discover that free templates are only as good as the information you plug into them. If you don’t enter information in a way that creates a picture of you filling that job opening, the template isn’t going to improve on what you plugged into the form. A professional resume preparer will.

You Need Multiple Resumes.

Every resume you attach to a job application must be tailored to that specific job. If you don’t take the time to do this, you’re wasting your efforts sending out the resume. It might help you retain your unemployment benefits, but it won’t help you find a job very effectively.

Fortunately, once a perfect resume has been put together, it isn’t difficult to tweak the resume to fit different positions as long as they are in closely allied fields.

Professional Resumes Land Jobs Faster.

It can take months to find a job, even with a professionally prepared resume. Still, it has been demonstrated that professional resumes do increase the chances you will be called for an interview, the first step to landing a job.

A Resume with a Cover Letter Works Even Better.

Some recruiters toss resumes that don’t have cover letters attached. Even if they didn’t, a cover letter allows you to demonstrate how you are uniquely positioned to meet the company’s needs. It can reflect a little more personality than a resume can.

Keywords are Vital.

Both computers and recruiters scan resume for keywords connected to the industry. If you fail to use them, your resume will be overlooked. A true professional knows how to weave keywords into your resume in a way that doesn’t look like a job description.

Some Work Experience is Optional.

Jobs you had 20 years ago rarely offer anything compelling. Unless you absolutely have to go that far back to prove you have the qualifications for a position, only include the past 10 to 15 years of work history.

Mistakes Could Cost You an Interview.

Make sure your resume is perfect. If you aren’t using complete sentences, don’t put periods after bullet points. Make sure every word is spelled correctly. Check your grammar. And scan the resume for any inconsistencies in formatting. These are the kinds of mistakes that “blow up” on you.

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Number of Pages Is Important.

Don’t take two pages when you can take one to demonstrate you are the right candidate for the job. At the same time, don’t cram everything into one page when two would present the message more effectively. Remember that small print is hard to read, so all your hard work may be lost if the recruiter hasn’t upgraded his or her prescription recently.

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