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3 Internet Tips For MLM Success

If you are reading this, it’s probably because you realize there are BETTER ways to go about building a network marketing business than many of us have been told. Success is really so simple. It comes down to generating an endless number of new prospects to bring through your marketing funnel and making sure your marketing funnel is doing a great job of converting those prospects to partners. That’s it. Once that’s in place, you can funnel as many people as you want through that funnel, and it will always spit distributors out on the other end.


So here are 3 tips for using the internet to make that happen:

1. Create your own leads! Do not buy generic leads from lead companies. Those leads are not who you want to be talking to. You want to talk with people who have specifically visited your site and requested more information from you.

2. Do not use company-related websites. These websites DO NOT get the job done that we need to do. Plus, if you send your prospect to this site and become a lead…you still don’t control the information they will get! The company will send them generic info, and you will NEVER get the chance to start building a solid relationship with them.

3. Learn how to market to exactly the group of people already looking for what you have to offer. Tap into markets that want what you have, and you will find your conversion rates shoot SKY HIGH.

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