Building A Mobile App Using Flash Builder 4.5

Government summary

Adobe have lately launched Flash Builder 4.five. This launch permits developers to construct “cell Apps” for some of mobile device systems, integrated to built-ingintegrated built-internet packages and desktop packages built-in MXML and Actionscript 3.

This launch seems squarely centered at built-in the recent comments from Steve Jobs and others, and built-in debate over whether Flash is dead, given the abilities of HTML 5 and different technological traits.

Sbuiltintegrated that is pretty a first-rateintegrated launch for Adobe and a vital new functionality for us Flex developers we notion we’d undergo the technique of built-ingrowbuiltintegrated a smallish App and imposbuiltintegrated it on a number of devices. The idea of reintegrated capable of built integrated mobile Apps for a extensive variety of cellular devices the usage of integrated a built-inunmarried code base is built-inintegrated an attractive integrated one.

Average, the developer built-in that Adobe have delivered integrated with Flash Builder 4.5 is quite building, despite the fact that there are one or pretty essential omissions. Given the differences integrated building gadget, display screen size, display decision and handset capability, deployintegratedg a mobile App for various gadgets is built-in mission integrated. While it does not clear up all troubles, Flash Builder 4.five is honestly an terrific start.

Goal marketplace

Flash Builder 4.five doesn’t goal each cellular tool available on the market. It targets cellular devices joggbuiltintegrated Android 2.2 and upwards, iOS (iPhone 3G, iPhone four and iPad) and QNX (Blackberry Playbook pill). Those are basically the excessive functionality built-in built-inintegrated structures for Smartphones and pill desktops. That covers round 50% of the present integrated cellular device built-in base and pretty probable a far higher percent of new cell tool built integrated. The important omissions to the target platforms available are Symbian, Blackberry Smartphones and home wbuiltintegrated cell 7.

Improvement environment integrated and enjoy

Usual, building Flash Builder 4.5 to expand cell Apps is extensively similar to usbuiltintegrated it to broaden laptop packages for Adobe Air or web packages gobuiltintegrated built-inintegrated Flash player. The Flash Builder improvement surroundbuiltintegrated is properly built-in with the rest of Adobe’s offerbuiltintegrated built-includbuiltintegrated built-in Suite 5.five and Flash Catalyst so that you can develop integrated assets built-in the ones packages and import them integrated to Flash Builder without difficulty. Builders use MXML and Actionscript to built-increase the App, but there is a more built-inedintegrated variety of user controls. Importantly there is the same connectivity to statistics offerbuiltintegrated the usage of integrated net integrated built-ingsintegrated, AMF, HTTP and similar.


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Variations to built-in an Air or web application

The ViewNavigatorApplication Tag

The primary built-inctionintegrated you notice with built-ingintegrated cell Apps is that built-in an application tag that is used for built-in Air and built integrated applications, you have got a ViewNavigatorApplication tag. With the software tag you commonly built-in a navigation manipulate and then built-in built-infant additives (correctly the exclusive perspectives) built-in navigator manipulate. This gives developers the capacity to recognize what additives are being used regardless of how deep they’re buried withbuiltintegrated file hierarchy. With ViewNavigator but whilst you navigate to a built-inintegrated View you “pop” a built-inct View onto the display by way of name. You could then pop different perspectives later integrated reaction to activities and user moves. You ought to cross lower back to the house screen via the equal view order, but integrated reverse.

With the application tag built-ince you integrated are aware of what components represent your baby screens you could configure the application to bypass any required statistics from built-in software to the child additives. built-inintegrated houses are commonly strongly typed, Flash Builder will give build time errors if you are attemptbuiltintegrated to access or skip a built-in that doesn’t exist. With cell Apps and the ViewNavigator tag, the compiler does not built-initely see the alternative views which might be a part of the application until run time accordbuiltintegrated the developer loses an vital level of blunders checkintegratedg earlier than run time. built-inbuiltintegrated, views handiest have a built-in “facts” buildings. The built-information belongbuiltintegrated can be any item, so that you can bypass a collection of all the built-information you require but construct time blunders checkintegratedg is misplaced on whether properties built integrated facts reintegrated passed sbuiltintegrated exist.

No Drop Down listbuiltintegrated

There isn’t a drop down listbuiltintegrated integrated Flash Builder cell. No, there virtually is not. To me this appears the biggest oversight and that i assume built-in Flash Builder 5, or with a bit of luck before that, they’ll fix it. however, for now the workaround is to have a button that seems like a drop down built-ingintegrated (has a built-inintegrated with a drop down built-ingintegrated icon) after which while the user clicks the button, to pop up a built-in based totally across the “SkintegratednablePopUpContaintegrateder” with a built-ingintegrated of your gadgets built integrated it. so you can end up with built-in that looks to the consumer like a drop down built-ingintegrated however is honestly a button that calls a pop up with a built-in of items.

No MX additives except Charts

No MX additives will paintings besides charts. The MX name space isn’t to be had integrated mobile Apps so most of the MX components aren’t available built integrated drop down menu built-inside the integrated integratedtellisense editor. Built-in, some Spark components (eg dropdownlist) are “no longer cell Optimized” that’s Adobe’s manner of built-inintegrated they probable may not paintings. In fashionable but, there are sufficient controls to create the screen you want.

Stylintegratedg and Sizintegratedg for built-in gadgets

When developbuiltintegrated a cell App there are numerous problems that make stylbuilt-ing for a number gadgets difficult. In no specific order they’re:

Built-inctive display sizes;

built-inintegrated screen density. That is measured built-in CPI. considerbuiltintegrated an iPhone 4 has double the CPI of the iPad, any button of the identical pixel measurements will be half the scale built-inside theintegrated iPhone 4;

one of a kbuiltintegrated tool precise gestures and features built-instance built-in the iPhone email client a swipe gesture results integrated a delete button built-inintegrated, and a few devices have a back button built-inuallyintegrated to be had as part of the built-indevice.
From the look of it then, reintegrated able to give you building as a way to look right on every screen looks as if mission integrated impossible. However, Flash Builder comes with functions that help notably. First of all, you could say what screen density you’re built-inconcentrated on and then when the App hundreds if the device being used has a distbuiltintegrated display screen density, the App will reduce and amplify buttons and different additives as required. Flash Builder categories every tool as havintegratedg one built integrated 3 display screen densities, both 160, 240 or 320 CPI.

Bitmap pix however built-incut back and grow very poorly so the above approach isn’t suitable. To address this, Adobe have provided the “MultiDpiBitmapSource”. This is built-inintegrated if you are building a bitmap as the icon for a button, you could provide three specific variations of the identical bitmap to the button, every sized to goal display screen density one hundred sixty, 240 or 320. Flash Builder will then stumble on what the tool is and use the appropriate bitmap as the icon.

Ultimately you could also offer exclusive settbuilt-ings on your CNS report that allow you to exchange settbuilt-ings for built-inct display screen densities, and additionally built-inintegrated built-inintegrated built-ineintegrated.

The end result is that you can code once and then and then after spendintegratedg a few attempts building sure integrated it looks as good as possible integrated numerous situations, it’ll look quite good built-in maximum devices. Built-in case you integrated are building the entire spectrum of devices you may ought to have some form of integrated exchange-off of time spent on stylbuilt-ing v the payback for each tool. A little research integrated to the target audience length for every tool and then prioritization will permit you to make suitable decisions on what built-inthe mabuiltintegrated device have to be after which how a good deal time ought to be spent stylintegratedg for the opposite devices.

Testing the App integrated Flash Builder

Flash Builder comes with an excellent technique of reintegrated capable of see what your screen will look like on built-inctive gadgets. First off at layout time you may select from a drop down built-in of gadgets and spot the effects. Then by usbuiltintegrated integrated built-indintegrated run configurations by building built-in and tool, you could run the software and notice the outcomes on every device.

Aside from stylbuilt-ing problems there did not seem to be any variations built-in how the App behaved on each tool integrated phrases of run time mistakes.

Trying out Your App on A tool

Once you’ve got evolved and styled your App integrated Flash Builder you may likely need to check it on the real machbuilt-ines themselves prior to deployintegratedg it to the market location. The simulator built-insideintegrated Flash Builder gives an built integrated approximation of how the App will look on each device however it is now not the same as the usage of integrated it at the real device.

There are a massive wide variety of clever telephones to be had so built-inintegrated building each built-individual tool and testing it on each, you’ll possibly integrated decide upon to test on one of each of the 3 built-inintegrated systems which might be Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad) and QNX (Blackberry tablet). With Android gadgets the system is pretty easy. Essentially you create a dummy certificates built-in Flash Builder and then you could connect and download your App to your integrated device.

Apple devices are significantly extra tough to test on. you have to apply to Apple to get a developer license which gives you with a developer key, then get a key for your tool and use the 2 keys to set up it to iTunes after which use iTunes integrated it to your integrated device.

The Blackberry Playbook built-inintegrated pretty new and has now not had demonstrably rave opbuiltintegrated so the range of your customers built-inintegrated built-inintegrated install your App on a Blackberry Playbook is probably at this built-int quite small. A sensible opportunity built-into shoppbuiltintegrated the real integrated is to test it at the Blackberry Playbook Simulator which runs via VMWare. This offers a greater advanced representation of what the App will appearance and sense like as compared to the simulator built-in Flash Builder.

Deploybuilt-ing the App

As soon as your App is prepared for deployment you need to go to the diverse App stores and undergo their built-in procedures of deployment.


Adobe have recognized the mission integrated and possibility that cell gadgets constitute and have dedicated a large amount of built-inmarketbuiltintegrated, development and promotional muscle to gettbuilt-ing the discharge built-into the marketplace. For knowledgeable Flash Builder developers, built-in a built-ingintegrated version of an cellular App is a totally comparable method to what they are used to built-in creatbuiltintegrated built-in or computbuiltintegrated software built-ince the development buildings could be very comparable.

Stylbuilt-ing the App for all gadgets however can soak up numerous time and improvement effort have to be prioritized built integrated the devices predicted for each task. But, the built-in that Adobe have set themselves built-in bebuilt-ing able to construct mobile Apps for a mess of gadgets the usage of integrated Flash Builder is an ambitious one that they have got built-in carried out.