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Xiaomi Mix Evo With Snapdragon 835 Appears On Geekbench

A new Xiaomi smartphone Appears has regarded Snapdragon the Xiaomi Mix Evo, and the handset is indexed with the new flagship mobile processor from Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 835. The Xiaomi Mix Evo is likewise listed with 4GB of RAM, and the handset is shown to be jogging Android 6.Zero.1 Marshmallow. Those are the best specifications that are to be had for the handset; for the time being, there isn’t any information on what type of display the handset comes with and also no info on the digital camera.

Xiaomi Mix Evo With Snapdragon 835 Appears On Geekbench 1



Xiaomi Bluetooth Mouse Review

The latest product coming from Xiaomi Company, the Mi portable mouse, is a wireless mouse supporting 2.4GHz and Bluetooth 4.0 two-way connections. That’s something that the Apple Magic Mouse 2 does not allow. In addition, Mi portable mouse features its extreme portability, with a small size and lightweight. And now, let’s take a look at some details.


This product is made of anodized aluminum and ABS plastic material. The surface has been sandblasted. With a small size, it weighs only 77.5 grams. Maybe due to the lightweight, it does not touch a strong sense of metal but more like a plastic material. It gets a thickness of only 23.6mm to be put into most notebook bags easily.

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The upper part of the mouse adopts a circular symmetrical design and is made of ABS plastic material. Thus it feels relatively comfortable and gets better wear resistance. This is also a universal design for left and right hands. From the side view, Mi portable mouse is more suitable for those who have small hands to use due to the low side height. Otherwise, users with big hands may feel a bit unsuited.

User Experience

Before the first use, you need to remove the protective circular twisted cover at the bottom and the bottom-right transparent battery separator. And then, you can firstly toggle the middle switch and choose the model to use. If you need to use the 2.4GHz connection, you can connect the receiver to the computer and click the mode button to make it green to use.

But if you need a Bluetooth connection, then switch to the blue light. You can long-press the mode key to a fast blink blue light state and search for “mouse” via the computer or other devices for matching and connection. After that, it can be used. Another noteworthy point is that this portable mouse uses a high-precision photoelectric sensor, which makes the DPI up to 1200 and makes the mouse can be used on the wooden desktop, or even ground glass, fabric environment in addition to the conventional mouse pad.

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