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How Does A Strong Online Reputation Increase Brand Loyalty?

Your company means a lot to you, so obviously, your good name means a lot to you as well. After all, you won’t get far without it. Whether you’ve suffered a hit to your public persona or are motivated to keep up a great image, there’s good reason to pay attention to your rep. Some companies manage to create a kickass brand from the very beginning and keep it up.  Others spectacularly fall from grace, by dint of foolish mistakes, or simply from a buried college photo that gets unearthed later in life. When that happens, some online reputation management for business is definitely called for. First, though, how does a strong online reputation increase brand loyalty? Let’s take a look.


Why Does A Customer’s Good Opinion of You Matter?

SmallBizGenius has some interesting things to say about consumer loyalty. For instance, 56 percent of customers say it’s important to work with companies that get them, while 65 percent of business comes from existing customers. Due to the inherent human instinct to distance from drama, your customers won’t feel like you “get them” if your name is smeared. And if the majority of your business comes from existing customers, you obviously need to keep up a good face in front of them. Interestingly, you can score additional profits between 25 and 95 percent by increasing customer retention by just five percent, SmallBizGenius adds. Pretty crazy, right? Again, keeping that good opinion matters a lot.

A Strong Online Rep Enhances Word of Mouth

Everyone knows that word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools out there. As quoted in Entrepreneur, Americans put word of mouth above social media by a full 41 percent when making decisions. Word of mouth isn’t a given, though. Even the smallest misstep can lose you a customer’s good faith. Indeed, the Net Promoter Score proves this handily: only those who rank your business a 9 or 10 will actually give you word of mouth. Those who rank you 7 or 8 will do nothing, while anyone who gives you between a 0 and 6 will actively work against you. Those are tall odds, so you need to make sure your public image is solid. That’s where brand management services come in.

Want to Ensure a Strong and Sturdy Brand Reputation?

Given the above, you must keep up your online reputation. If your brand reputation management is already in the bag, that’s great … but it might behoove you to have a professional scan your full online presence to make sure you’re in the clear. Feel like you’re definitely in need of online reputation management services? Just want to speak with someone who knows what they’re talking about? Either way, we invite you to get in touch with us here at Net Reputation. Our expert staff is happy to walk you through the options and process to determine whether or not such services are right for you. Get ready for your brightest future yet.

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