What is the best waterproofing for concrete roofs within liquid membranes?

Given the choice between the different liquid membranes offered by the market, it is clearly prefer those manufactured on the basis of acrylic copolymers with high elasticity, but especially those with white membranes.

All the major paint brands have among their products, special liquid membranes for waterproofing ceilings that are offered in different colors, to adapt to different aesthetic situations, but without hesitation, asking The Roof Technician suggestion will be the best choice. Why? Because, only hey know which color and which quality your roof membrane needs, as simple as that.

Translated into benefits:

  • Less heat absorption that then passes to indoor environments
  • Lower energy costs to cool these environments
  • Less dilatation movements of the concrete roof which will imply less cracking and moisture problems

The lighter the color of the waterproof membrane you use to repair the cracks in the roof, the greater will be its ability to reflect radiation alone – gives you stronger roof.

Main advantages of liquid membranes waterproofing

As if everything listed was not enough, anti-humidity paints or liquid membranes will have these other advantage –

Simple Application: The liquid membranes are applied like any other paint with a brush, roller or gun. If you are going to be the painter of your own roof, nothing is easier than this system to waterproof roofs.

Great elasticity: On surfaces such as terraces where there is a direct exposure to the sun, the expansion of its surface is a problem that directly affects the products for the waterproofing of terraces. The elasticity of the liquid membranes prevents cracks and other damages that may condition their quality.

Long useful life: The waterproofing properties extend over time without any reduction in their effectiveness. These advantages are associated with its high resistance to weathering, aging and ultraviolet radiation.

How to waterproof a concrete roof with liquid membrane?

In order for the liquid membrane to act effectively as an anti-humidity paint, it is essential that it be well applied. If this is not the case, any system to repair cracks in the roof will be a useless attempt and an economic waste. That is why it is important that, beyond pretending to save some expenses, be careful with the way you take the job of waterproofing your terrace.

Some tips to eliminate leaks

If the slope of the concrete roof is very steep, it may be better not to risk it and call a waterproofing company, or simply your trusted painter. It is best to wait until the roof dries and then try to repair dampness with greater guarantee of duration. If you do not need major repairs, the professionals offer you colorless waterproofing that will not alter the image of the floor in question.

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